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12V/1A Car Adapter

$17.99Buy Now

$17.99Buy Now

Car Adapter

Gives you easy access to power for your electric breast pump in the privacy of your own vehicle

12 volts of power means that your pump runs just as well as if it were plugged into an outlet inside

6’ of length give you the freedom to pump in the spot you prefer and in the position you find most comfortable

Milk Bag (25 7oz bags)

$13.99Buy Now

$13.99Buy Now

Milk Bags (25)

Each bag is sterilized prior to packaging and is ready for immediate use – simply tear off the top of the bag to open

25 bags allow you to store more milk in less space than traditional bottles, with up to 7 ounces of milk in each bag

Printed measurements on the bag let you easily track production and usage of your precious milk

Built from quality plastic and designed with a double seal for a superior seal to prevent leaks and keep milk fresher for longer

Bag is made from sturdy plastic with a thickness of 0.08mm and can stand by itself when filled with milk

Space at the top lets you write all the information you need to use the milk in the correct order

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The Mighty Tyke Duo is a small powerful, sized to be conveniently portable yet powerful enough to get the job done. It features a rechargeable li-ion battery and belt clip for busy moms like you.

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