Baby-Luv Kit

Baby Wellcare Kit

Baby-Luv Kit

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3 colorful pacifiers and 3 convenient modules, easily attachable, detachable, and interchangeable with each other


Detachable modules make it easy to clean and sanitize the pacifiers while protecting sensitive electronic components

Easy to Use

Module easily twists securely into place to make a stable and comfortable pacifier for your baby to enjoy


Cherry-shaped nipples are made from high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone and are durable enough to properly sterilize

Thermometer Pacifier

Module detaches from pacifier to make it easy to sanitize without risking electronic components


Simple to use, accurate, it has an easy-to-read LCD screen, and its pacifier is already familiar to your baby

Melody Maker

It plays a gentle melody as your baby suckles on the pacifier, though the soft strains don’t carry far

Standard Module

It has no electronic components and its interchangeable design is what makes the Baby-Luv Kit perfect for your baby

Storage Case

A convenient storage case to keep all of your Baby-Luv pacifiers and modules organized, clean, and ready for use


Baby-Luv Kit

Kit Rumble Tuff Baby-Luv Cuidado al Bebé:

  • Pacifiers (3)
  • Digital Thermometer Module
  • Melody Maker Module
  • Standard Module
  • Plastic Storage Case

The Baby-Luv Kit contains three colorful cherry-shaped pacifiers and three detachable modules with handles. Modules include the Digital Thermometer Module, the Melody Maker with its gentle lullaby, and the Standard module. The pacifiers and modules are easily attachable, detachable, and interchangeable. The convenient storage case helps to keep them clean and sanitary between uses.


Digital Thermometer

A breakthrough idea to take your baby’s temperature.

The Digital Thermometer is a great tool for any parent or caregiver. It provides quick, reliable readings and features a fever alarm, a beeper, and a memory of the last temperature reading. The Baby-Luv Digital Thermometer resolves several design flaws that can be found in normal one-piece pacifier thermometers.

Standard one-piece thermometer pacifiers pose several problems. First, as a medical device, it is inadvisable for a caregiver to leave a child unattended with one. Because of this, it is unfamiliar and unpleasant to your baby. Second, a standard one-piece thermometer also poses a sanitation risk. Because of electric components contained within the body of the thermometer pacifier, it cannot be sterilized as other baby items. Rumble Tuff designed the Baby-Luv Thermometer Pacifier Module to address and resolve these issues.

Rumble Tuff designed the Pacifier Thermometer Module to be easily detachable from the pacifier base. The Thermometer Module is interchangeable with the other Baby-Luv pacifiers. Through daily usage of the pacifiers, your baby will become accustomed to the pacifiers. When you need to take your baby’s temperature, you can attach the thermometer module to the pacifier, which means that your baby doesn’t have to experience a strange and unfamiliar pacifier in order to take a temperature. This will greatly reduce the anxiety or fussiness of your baby.

Because the Baby-Luv Thermometer Module is detachable, the pacifier bases can be cleaned as easily as any other baby care item. The module is unlikely to need regular sanitation and can be kept clean with minimal care and little risk to the electronic components.

Digital Thermometer

Melody Maker

Simple. Soothing. Entertaining.

The Melody Maker pacifier is a fun addition to Rumble Tuff’s Baby-Luv kit. It plays a soft melody as your baby sucks on the pacifier. The brightly colored standard module acts as a simple handle when attached to the pacifier and helps accustom baby to the pacifier through daily use.

The gentle strains of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” can be soothing or entertaining to your baby, yet its soft tones do not carry far. The melody is activated only by your baby’s suckling.

The Baby-Luv pacifiers share one unique trait: each module with handle can be separated from each pacifier base. The three modules are easily interchangeable with the three pacifier bases. This makes cleaning easy and limits the risk posed to the electronic components in the Melody Maker module.

Melody Maker

Standard Module

Interchangeable. Colorful. Innovative.

The Standard Module is a colorful module with a handle. It contains no electronic parts and is safe for everyday use. You can swap the Standard Module with the Melody Maker or Thermometer whenever you need. It’s what makes the Baby-Luv Kit perfect for your baby.

While the Baby-Luv Kit is popular for its Thermometer Pacifier and Melody Maker, the Standard Module is the reason this kit is ideal for your baby. The Standard Module contains no electronic components and is perfect for everyday use.

The cherry-shaped nipples of the Baby-Luv pacifier are made from durable and hypoallergenic silicone. Silicone is an ideal material for pacifiers because it is long-lasting, can withstand the high temperatures needed for sterilizing.

The Baby-Luv pacifiers and modules are easily attachable, detachable, and interchangeable with each other. This innovative and unique feature ensures that the pacifier bases can always be kept clean and sanitary while still providing you with easy access to powerful tools like the Thermometer Module.

Standard Module

The Baby-Luv Kit makes a great baby shower gift! All Rumble-Luv baby well care kits are BPA free. Package includes: (3) Cherry-Shaped Pacifier Bases, (1) Pacifier Thermometer Module, (1) Melody Maker Module, (1) Standard Module, and (1) Convenient Storage Case




It was exactly as described. At first my grandbaby did not know where the music was coming from. She then got use to it and now it is a happy edition.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Included accessories may vary by country and may change without notice. Contact Rumble Tuff Customer Service or your local distributor with any questions.