Gentle-Luv Kit

Baby Wellcare Kit

Gentle-Luv Kit

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$23.99Buy Now



A lightweight and colorful pacifier which features ventilation holes for comfortable breathing while suckling


A self-closing cap will snap shut upon impact to keep the nipple clean and free from dirt and hair


This pacifier is lightweight enough for daily use and the cherry-shaped nipple is made from high-quality silicone

Flex-Tip Thermometer

It takes temperature readings fast with the press of a button and displays an accurate result in seconds


The soft, flexible probe is gentle against the skin and can move a little with a wiggly child

Easy to Use

The LCD is easy to read and it remembers the last temperature reading taken and features an audible fever alarm

Cute and Colorful

With reusable, hypoallergenic adhesive and a colorful design, this sticker lets you monitor your child’s temperature 24/7


Simply place on your child’s forehead and the appropriate circle will display your child’s approximate skin temperature

Storage Case

A convenient storage case to keep all of your Gentle-Luv items organized, clean, and ready for use


Rumble Tuff Gentle Luv Baby Wellcare Kit:

  • Auto-Shield Pacifier
  • Flex-Tip Thermometer
  • Fever Care Stickers (2)
  • Plastic Storage Case

The Rumble Tuff Gentle-Luv Kit features tools that make taking care of your baby and your family even easier. The award-winning Auto-Shield Pacifier has a self-closing cap that snaps shut upon impact when dropped. The Flex-Tip Digital Thermometer takes an accurate temperature reading fast and two Fever Care stickers allow you to easily monitor your child’s skin temperature. The convenient storage case helps to keep them clean and sanitary between uses.


Auto-Shield Pacifier

Cute. Handy. Clean.

Rumble Tuff’s patented, award-winning Auto-Shield Pacifier is equipped with a self-closing cap that will snap shut upon impact or close manually with a quick shake. It’s the easiest way to keep your baby’s pacifier clean and sanitary during everyday use because the closed shield will protect the nipple from dirt, hair, and pets.

There is no need to keep track of a separate cap or secure the pacifier to your baby’s clothing with a clip. The plastic shield is a part of this pacifier, and it is designed to snap closed with gentle pressure to keep the nipple clean when your baby drops it. The shield can also be closed with a touch before the pacifier is placed into a diaper bag or purse for easy transportation. It can be cleaned as easily as any standard pacifier.

The Auto-Shield Pacifier is lightweight to make it easy for your baby to use every day. Ventilation holes in the shield keep air flowing to prevent a buildup of saliva and to keep your baby’s skin comfortable.

Auto-Shield Pacifier

Auto-Shield Pacifier

Flex-Tip Thermometer

Fast. Accurate. Convenient.

The Flex-Tip Clinical Digital Thermometer features a soft and flexible probe. It takes temperature readings fast, and displays an accurate result in seconds. This thermometer is perfect for all members of the family, and easy for everyone to use.

The flexible tip allows you to take your child’s temperature under the tongue or under the arm. It is soft and comfortable against your child’s skin. The flexible tip helps to keep the thermometer in place in the short time it takes to get a temperature reading.

To make it easier on you and your child, the thermometer takes an accurate temperature reading in a matter of seconds. The temperature in Fahrenheit is easily read on the LCD screen. It also remembers the last temperature reading taken, to make it easy to monitor changes in your child’s condition. An audible fever alarm lets you know that you need to be concerned.

Flex-Tip Thermometer

Flex-Tip Thermometer

Fever Care Stickers

Easy. Cute. Enjoyable.

Rumble Tuff Fever Care Stickers make monitoring your child’s temperate easier than ever. These reusable stickers can be attached to your child’s skin anywhere to allow you to know the current temperature at a glance, with no thermometer and no fuss.

The Fever Care Sticker is designed for use over a 48-hour period. Simply apply the reusable sticker to your child’s skin. Anywhere will do, but the forehead, back, or chest is recommended for convenience and better accuracy. The big black circle will display an “N” for normal temperature, and the smaller circles will display a number that corresponds to your child’s current temperature.

While this sticker can be very useful in monitoring a sick child, temperature readings should still be taken by thermometer on a regular basis to verify the number displayed on the sticker. This sticker should only be used as a reference.

Being sick is never fun, but this cute and colorful sticker may just bring a smile to your child’s face. While using a thermometer is still recommended, the use of this sticker reduces the number of times you need to interrupt your child’s rest for another temperature reading.

A medical-grade 3M adhesive is used to keep the sticker affixed to your child’s skin. This adhesive is reusable and hypoallergenic.

Fever Care Stickers

The Gentle-Luv Kit makes a great baby shower gift! All Rumble-Luv baby well care kits are BPA free. Package includes: (1) Auto-Shield Pacifier, (1) Flex-Tip Thermometer, (2) Fever Care Stickers, and (1) Convenient Storage Case


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