Mother-Luv Kit

Baby Wellcare Kit

Mother-Luv Kit

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$23.99Buy Now



An easy and gentle way to clear your baby’s nose of congestion with just the right amount of suction strength


The soft silicone tip is gentle against your baby’s tender nose and easily traps the suctioned mucus


The soft silicone mouthpiece is gentle on you as you create suction to clear your baby’s congestion


Mucus is trapped in the silicone tip and the dual-chamber design is easy to clean and sanitize


This pacifier offers an easy alternative to administer your child the medication that is needed


A 5ml leakproof reservoir lets your child take in the liquid medication at their own pace


Or medication can be administered directly through the ventilation shaft


The patented ventilation shaft prevents a vacuum from forming as your child sucks on the pacifier


The pacifier and the reservoir can easily be taken apart for cleaning and sanitizing

Measuring Syringe

The FREE 5ml Measuring Syringe makes it easy to measure out your child’s exact dosage

Storage Case

A convenient storage case to keep all of your Mother-Luv items organized, clean, and ready for use


Rumble Tuff Mother-Luv Baby Wellcare Kit:

  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Medicine Dispenser
  • Measuring Syringe
  • Plastic Storage Case

The Mother-Luv Kit is designed to make caring for your baby easier. A healthy baby may end up with a stuffy nose or in need of a liquid medication on occasion; but if your child is facing a cold or allergies, these tools will help you to make your child more comfortable during those difficult times. The Baby Medicine Dispenser allows you to quickly and comfortably administer liquid medicine to your baby. The free Measuring Syringe allows you to easily measure out up to 5ml of liquid. The Nasal Aspirator gives you the ability to quickly ease your child’s congestion.


Nasal Aspirator

Easy. Gentle. Effective.

The Nasal Aspirator is designed to help you clear your baby’s stuffy nose quickly, easily, and gently. Congestion can pose a far more serious risk to your baby than it does to you because your baby hasn’t yet learned to breathe through the mouth yet. The Nasal Aspirator gives you complete control over the force needed to clear your baby’s congestion.

A soft silicone tip and mouthpiece make the Nasal Aspirator comfortable for both you and your baby. Simply place the tip of the aspirator into your child’s stuffed nostril, place the mouthpiece in your mouth, and gently suck in your breath. If more pressure is required, simply increase the suction of your mouth. You have complete control over the suction strength which can help protect delicate nasal tissue and easy your child’s discomfort.

The Nasal Aspirator is designed with a dual chamber system. Mucus from your child’s nose is trapped in the silicone chamber behind the tip, keeping the blue chamber and tubing clear mucus. The pieces easily come apart for cleaning and sanitizing.

Nasal Aspirator

Medicine Dispenser

Clean. Efficient. Convenient. Innovative.

The Baby Medicine Dispenser makes it easy to administer liquid medication to your child. It is a far more natural way for your young child to take in medication because the child has complete control over how much liquid is drawn into the mouth. The leakproof design reduces the chance of a mess.

The reservoir can hold up to 5 ml (approximately 1 tsp.) of liquid. As your child suckles on the nipple of the pacifier, the liquid is drawn into the mouth. The patented ventilation shaft prevents a vacuum from forming inside the reservoir. Medication can also be administered directly through the ventilation shaft with the Measuring Syringe. The reservoir will not spill or leak.

To familiarize your child with the pacifier, you can fill the reservoir with juice or milk. The pacifier can also easily detach from the reservoir to be used alone for comfort or to help your child get used to the feel of it.

The parts can be cleaned and sanitized and are easily reassembled.

Medicine Dispenser

Measuring Syringe

A free 5ml measuring syringe is included to make it easy to measure out the exact dosage of medicine for your child. Medicine can then be placed in the reservoir of the Medicine Dispenser or administered directly through the Medicine Dispenser through the ventilation shaft.

Measuring Syringe

The Mother-Luv Kit makes a great baby shower gift! All Rumble-Luv baby well care kits are BPA free. Package includes: (1) Nasal Aspirator, (1) Medicine Dispenser, (1) Measuring Syringe, and (1) Convenient Storage Case



“Four Stars”

Great kit but the mechanism inside the nose sucker can easily tear. Beware.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Included accessories may vary by country and may change without notice. Contact Rumble Tuff Customer Service or your local distributor with any questions.