Original Contour with Zipper

Baby Changing Pad

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$43.99Buy Now

Standard (33″ x 17″ x 4″)

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Compact (29″ x 17″ x 4″)


4-Sided Protection

The original 4-walled design keeps your baby comfortably in place during a diaper changing

Safety Strap

The safety strap comes through the pad in the middle to better secure your child in place

Two Sizes

Available in 2 sizes!
Standard (33″ x 17″ x 4″)
Compact (29″ x 17″ x 4″)

Waterproof Surface

The quilted vinyl covers a cushy flame-retardant foam center to keep your baby comfortable

Secures in Place

The mounting hardware secures the pad to your changing table yet allows for easy portability

Zipped Cover

The zipped vinyl cover makes it easy to renew and refresh this pad for your next baby


Original Contour Changing Pad Features

More than 20 years ago, Rumble Tuff created the original contour changing pad. Today, Rumble Tuff changing pads are still made from high-quality, durable materials and are made to outlast your baby’s diaper-changing years.

The Contour Changing Pad is designed to provide safety, comfort, convenience, and durability for you and your baby. The unique four-wall design helps provide support and prevent your baby from rolling or sliding during a diaper change. Safety straps sewn into the pad come through inside of the contoured sides and provide superior support to keep your baby securely in place. The strap’s buckle allows for quick and easy adjusting to snugly fit a baby or a toddler. The comfortable padding of the Contour Changing Pad is built from fire retardant foam, made right here in the USA. The vinyl cover can be easily replaced to quickly renew and refresh the pad for the next baby.

Rumble Tuff changing pads are made with high-quality and durable vinyl. The soft-quilted vinyl surface is waterproof and easy to clean. It is comfortable to use with or without a pad cover. All Rumble Tuff pads and covers are proudly made right here in the USA.

The pad comes with easy mounting hardware to secure it to your changing table, but it can also be unsnapped to become a portable changing pad.

The Original Contour Changing Pad is available in two sizes:

  • Standard: 33″ x 17″ x 4″
  • Compact: 29″ x 17″ x 4″

Need a pad cover?

Rumble Tuff changing pad covers provide extra comfort for your baby and come in several types of fabrics and many beautiful colors.

Covers available in:

Need a replacement zipped cover?

The Zipped Replacement Vinyl Cover lets you easily replace the waterproof vinyl of your changing pad easy to renew and refresh it for your next baby.

Zipped Replacement Vinyl Cover


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$27.99Buy Now


$27.99Buy Now

$27.99Buy Now

Pad Covers

Minky Dot Pad Cover

Minky Dot Pad Covers: Set of 2 ($15.99 each, $4 savings!)

Minky Dot Pad Covers: Set of 3 ($14.50 each, $10.47 savings!)

Silky Minky Pad Cover

Silky Minky Pad Covers: Set of 2 ($15.99 each, $4 savings!)

Silky Minky Pad Covers: Set of 3 ($14.50 each, $10.47 savings!)

Bamboo Terry Pad Cover

Terry Pad Cover

Sherpa Pad Cover



“I can’t imagine doing all the changings without this pad. And, SUPER EASY CLEANING!!”

Do you know how many times you need to change a 3 month old a day? !

We are very happy with this pad. It is a standard size and it fits perfectly on our changing table. There are screws and snaps to secure the pad onto our changing table. It is sturdy and easy to do. Four sided contour and safety straps offer us peace of mind. I love that a zipped vinyl cover protects the pad. I just wipe the cover clean after each use. But, I can remove the cover completely to clean it if I want to. I can’t imagine doing all the changings without this pad!!

– Review posted on Amazon.



“made in USA”

it’s made in USA, really rare, thumb up

– Review posted on Amazon.


“so far so good”

Looks great and fits really well on our changing table/dresser. Very easy to install, now just to wait on the kid to get here so we can really test it out.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Great Product!!!”

great product, definitely recommend

– Review posted on Wayfair.