Electric Breast Pump Duo

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A closed system keeps the tubing and motor free from milk backflow and moisture buildup


3 Expression Programs and 10 levels of suction lets you mimic your baby’s nursing patterns

Easy to Use

Simple controls and an intuitive interface let you truly customize your pumping experience


Ultra soft silicone cushions fit different nipple sizes and are so comfortable to the breast


Specially designed twin head motor provides powerful suction in half the time and effort

Manual Handle

The Breeze comes with a Manual Diaphragm Kit to quickly convert your pump to a manual pump


The pump, less than 1lb, can be used with electricity or batteries, or be turned into a manual pump


The Memory Button lets you easily record and recall your personal pumping preferences


The 3 Expression Programs are uniquely designed to match a baby’s natural nursing rhythms


Breeze Features

BPA free.

Included Accessories

3 Programs

Three Expression Programs Design & Theory

Reflex Performance

The Reflex Expression consists of the first 15 cycles when the pump is turned on. There is no preset vacuum level for this expression phase. The vacuum level begins approximately 3kPa (22.5mmHg) higher then the Swift Expression setting and reduces by 0.25kPa (1.88mmHg) per cycle before transitioning to the Swift Expression at the 16th cycle. This pumping phase can only be reactivated by turning the pump off and turning it back on again.

This phase imitates the reflexes of a hungry baby when he first latches on and initiates stronger vacuum suction. As the baby’s mouth begins to fill with milk, he gradually reduces his suction strength.

Swift Performance

The Swift Expression consists of a fast and shallow pattern with reduced suction. Mothers can choose between 8 levels of vacuum suction strength. There is no preset time limit for this phase, and mothers can toggle to the final phase at any time by pressing the Expression Button.

This phase imitates the fast and shallow nursing pattern of an infant or baby with similar nursing habits. This helps the mother achieve letdown. The Swift Expression allows the mother to adjust the pump’s suction patterns at will, achieving the milk production stimulation she would naturally receive from breastfeeding her baby. Mothers can choose to remain at this expression phase if her baby is still small or she can switch to the final pattern as her baby’s nursing patterns change.

Natural Performance

The Natural Expression consists of long and deep suction cycles with no preset time limit. Mothers can choose between 10 levels of vacuum suction strength and can toggle back to the Swift Expression pattern by pressing the Expression Button.

This phase mimics how most babies naturally obtain milk from their mother’s breast through long and deep suction patterns. 10 levels of vacuum strength allow a mother to choose the suction strength which most closely mimics her baby’s suckling strength.


Anti-Backflow Diaphragm

The Breeze is designed with a closed-system diaphragm which prevents any milk backflow. While milk flows freely into the collection bottle, the diaphragm acts as a protective barrier, preventing any milk from leaking into the tubing or electric motor.

Product Specs

Single or Double Pump

Vacuum Strength
Single: 120 – 300 mmHg
Double: 120 – 250 mmHg

Speed Patterns: 3
Swift Suction Settings: 8
Natural Suction Settings: 10

Reflex Expression
First 15 cycles

Swift Expression
Suction Levels: 120 – 185 mmHg
Cycles per Minute: 111

Natural Expression
Suction Levels: 120 – 250 mmHg
Cycles per Minute: 50

Power Supply

  • 12V AC/DC Adapter
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (built-in)
  • Manual Handle (included)

Pump: 11.6 oz (0.7 lb)
Accessories: 9.6 oz (0.6 lb)
Total: 17.3 oz (1.1 lb)


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Included accessories may vary by country and may change without notice. Contact Rumble Tuff Customer Service or your local distributor with any questions.