Easy Express 2

Electric Breast Pump Duo

$137.99Buy Now

$137.99Buy Now

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A closed-system diaphragm keeps the tubing and motor free from milk backflow and moisture buildup


4 speed settings and 7 levels of suction let you match your baby’s nursing patterns

Easy to Use

Simple controls and an intuitive interface let you truly customize your pumping experience


Silicone cushions provide comfort for swollen or engorged breasts and reduce shield size


The Twin-Head motor creates powerful suction quiclky and maintains it during the session


The pump, less than 1lb, can be used with electricity or batteries, or be turned into a manual pump


Easy Express 2 Features

The Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2 is a closed-system, duo electric breast pump intended for personal use. Inside the cute, attractive design lies a powerful motor capable of delivering strong suction power to help you complete your pumping session quickly and effortlessly. Its double vacuum chamber provides the required suction power in half the time and helps extend the life of the motor. The pump’s lightweight design also makes it easy for travel.

With 4 preset speed patterns and 7 levels of suction, the Easy Express 2 is designed to help you best match your baby’s natural nursing pattern. Each preset pattern has 7 levels of vacuum strength, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and effective vacuum strength for you.

It is designed with simple, user-friendly controls and an LED display to indicate the current speed setting. It can be electric-powered, battery operated, or converted into a manual breast pump (Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit not included). The pump’s closed-system diaphragm provides anti-backflow protection that prevents breast milk from entering the tubing or motor.

The Easy Express Electric 2 Breast Pump comes with a 120-day warranty and a 1-year extended warranty for the pump motor (wearable accessories excluded). Warranty information can be found in the User Manual.

BPA free.

Included Accessories


Anti-Backflow Diaphragm

The Easy Express 2 is designed with a closed-system diaphragm which prevents any milk backflow. While milk flows freely into the collection bottle, the diaphragm acts as a protective barrier, preventing any milk from leaking into the tubing or electric motor.

Product Specs

Single or Double Pump

Vacuum Strength
Single: 85 – 300 mmHg
Double: 90 – 250 mmHg

Suction Settings: 7
Speed Patterns: 4

T1 Phase
Suction Levels: 111 – 193 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 1.66

T2 Phase
Suction Levels: 131 – 242 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 1

T3 Phase
Suction Levels: 131 – 263 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 0.63

T4 Phase
Suction Levels: 146 – 267 mmHg
Cycles per Second: 0.5

Power Supply

  • 12V AC/DC Adapter
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Manual Handle (not included)

Pump: 10.6 oz (0.7 lb)
Accessories: 9.6 oz (0.6 lb)
Total: 20.2 oz (1.3 lb)



“Great Breast Pump”

My insurance company sent me this pump after I had my son. I was very surprised and disappointed when I opened the box and saw that it wasn’t a Medela or done other well known brand. I had never heard of Rumble Tuff so I immediately turned my nose up at it. But what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! My son is 6 months old now and I just went back to work last Monday. I pump twice while at work and once when I come home and I am able to keep up with my son’s milk demands for while I am away for 10 hours. The rumble tuff easy express 2 has multiple settings for suction and multiple settings for speed separately which makes it very customizable. You can either use the adapter to plug it into the power outlet or use batteries. I was able to use it in my car one day! It is also a closed system so it is more sanitary than the opened system pumps like most of the Medelas. I have been able to pump 4oz from each breast(8oz total) at once with this pump. Most times, I am able to get about 5.5-6oz total per 20 minute pump session. No complaints here!

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Pump works great”

Pump works great 🙂


“I was surprised at how well it worked”

I was surprised at how well it worked I love the easy to use buttons and the quick shut off option. Parts are easy to put together and pump itself is lightweight.


“It’s excellent!”

It’s excellent! Very helpful.


“More milk than medela”

Insurance covered this 100%..I’very been using this just shy if 1 month and had great success stock piling for the end if maternity leave. I’ve had better success with pumping this round with this pump than with the medela I used with my daughter. The pump only fits the bottles that come with it (annoying for the super sterile pumper. so much cleaning). It is a loud pump and the horns are 1 size..the rubber cushions are nice for sore nipples however, more to clean.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Awesome customer service!”

Awesome customer service! I had problems w/ my 1st pump. When I called the 1(800) # I was happy to not be put on wait & not have to go through an extensive automated service. Further more, your willingness to replace the bad pump w/out making me jump through hoops was amazing. You just don’t find that kind of help or customer service elsewhere these days! You have made a happy & loyal customer out of me! I have already recommended this brand to 2 other 1st time moms.

Carmen Jazmin Gonzalez

“I’m very happy with the Breast Pump”

First time use was perfect! No pain and made very little noise. Did not wake up my baby. I’m very happy with the Breast Pump.

Benjamin Hunter

“Good basic pump”

I’ve been using his pump for about 6 weeks now. Works great, I haven’t had any issues with suction or spilling milk. It fits the adapters for my Kindee bagging system, but not great. Also, it is quite loud. Overall I’ve been happy with the machine. My insurance covered it 100%.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Maria Everton

“Gread product”

Gread product. Sometimes it seems like the pump on the forked tube has problems, but it works still. I wish the parts were easier to clean, but I can’t complain with the no backflow in the tube feature.

Ashlyn Whitaker

“Have loved my pump.”

Have loved my Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2 electric breast pump duo. Thanks!


“I like this pump.”

I like this pump. It feels very comfortable on my breasts and the pump is not too invasive. I do not, have, another pump to compare it with since this is the first one that I am working with. It does work fast and does not make any noise.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“5 stars!!”

5 stars!!

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Kristin Johnson

“I love it!”

This pump helps me pump 3x’s more milk than my previous pump. I love it!

Included accessories may vary by country and may change without notice. Contact Rumble Tuff Customer Service or your local distributor with any questions.