Electric Breast Pump USB

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A closed system keeps the tubing and motor free from milk backflow and moisture buildup


2 Expression Programs and 9 levels of suction let you match your baby’s nursing patterns

Easy to Use

Simple controls and an intuitive interface let you truly customize your pumping experience


Silicone cushions provide comfort and our new Breastshield Body offers flange size options


The pump, less than 1lb, can be used with electricity or turned into a manual pump (optional)


The compact design and USB Power Adapter make it easy to use this pump anywhere


Whisper Features

BPA free.

Included Accessories


Anti-Backflow Diaphragm

The Whisper is designed with a closed-system diaphragm which prevents any milk backflow. While milk flows freely into the collection bottle, the diaphragm acts as a protective barrier, preventing any milk from leaking into the tubing or electric motor.

Product Specs

Single Pump

Vacuum Strength
Single: 90 – 250 mmHg

Speed Patterns: 2
Swift Suction Settings: 8
Natural Suction Settings: 9

Swift Phase
Suction Levels: 120 – 180 mmHg
Cycles per Minute: 86 – 101

Natural Phase
Suction Levels: 120 – 250 mmHg
Cycles per Minute: 48 – 67

Power Supply

  • USB Adapter
  • Manual Handle (not included)

Pump: 6.3 oz (0.4 lb)
Accessories: 2.8 oz (0.2 lb)
Total: 9.1 oz (0.6 lb)


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Included accessories may vary by country and may change without notice. Contact Rumble Tuff Customer Service or your local distributor with any questions.