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Serene Express


“Compact and portable”

Got this pump through my insurance (thanks Affordable Care Act!) and overall it has worked very nicely! There are quite a few parts to wash, but it’s super easy to take apart/ put together. The best part by far is how light and portable it is– I can easily take it with me in the car, to work, traveling, or even out and about with me as needed. It doesn’t work as well off batteries though- drains them almost immediately and has much lower suction. When it’s plugged in though, it’s just fine. The pump itself is pretty compact, so it’s easy to tuck away in a bag. I was apprehensive since I hadn’t heard anything about the brand when I received it, but it has worked out well so far. Great customer service too!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amazon Customer

“Five Stars”

It works great and the customer service people are awesome

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amazon Customer

“Good quality breast pump”

This breast pump has been such a great help for me especially I returned to work earlier than expected. I can easily pump in the morning before I leave for work. This pump is easy to use, easily assembled and easily cleaned as well. The power of the main part or the base is strong and gets me to pump faster. It is also great that I can control the speed of pumping from slow to faster so it can mimic my baby’s pulling or sucking pattern. Another plus for me is other bottle fits on it like the Avent bottles, so I don’t need to transfer every time I pump. It also has clock that can also set an alarm, and also monitor how long I’ve been pumping. I don’t use the time or set the time as I pump on different times of the day and in different places. For now I am using it with battery but it finishes the battery fast so I recommend plugging it with adapter. It is compact and easy to carry to work when I have to pump there. Oh and it comes with hand pumping kit so if the battery is finished or there’s no adapter it is very convenient. I will recommend Rumble Tuff to anybody who needs a durable breast pump. The customer service of the Rumble Tuff company is also great and helpful!!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Carly Kelly

“Still my favorite pump even after trying 3 other units.”

First off, great customer service. This was the first pump I received free through insurance for my first child and it worked great 2-3 years ago and even at the beginning of my second child until the wall charger part stopped working and I was running on the battery option for a couple of days. The battery option isn’t very good because it drains batteries so quickly but I only used it in a pinch or as a backup option.
-pros: small lightweight and powerful
– I like these parts better than the other pumps I’ve tried
I can usually pump in 15 minutes or less.
-easy fast letdown
-cons: replacement parts need to be purchased online and aren’t very cheap ex. Valves are $20 however I did learn (after the fact) that they would send free valves in exchange for a review.
-slight rattling sound/and beeping is kind of loud at start and finish.
-tubing is kind of short
I scrambled to find other pumps since I am primarily pumping 5 times a day. So I now have some comparisons to share.
Medela- I hate that the tubing can get moisture in it and that there is no timer. The replacement parts for this are much more accessible but I still prefer the rumble tuff over this pump.
Lansiloh- closed system similar to rumble tuff but I prefer the rumble tuff parts better. The lansiloh unit feels more durable (heavier) but is still small like the rumble tuff but I do like the lansiloh tubing better.
The freemie- hated this one only used twice, milk went up in the tubing! So frustrating, supposed to be an easy handsfree way to pump discreetly, great idea, bad follow through. The unit is huge (3x larger than the other units) and doesn’t have a let down option ugh.
I mainly have Avent bottles which I use with this rumble tuff pump the other two pumps I used worked with Dr. Browns which I also had some of.
So once my unit broke customer service was nice enough to make an exception for me and replace my unit after I mailed my old unit to them! I was so excited when i received the new one in the mail lol perfect for traveling and pumping in the car. I feel like an expert on pumps now that I’ve been through 4 kinds! 🙂

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amanda McAllister

“I really love the Rumble Tuff”

Hi, my name is Mandy. I’m doing a review on two different breast pumps that I’ve been using. The first one is the Rumble Tuff. Like this. And the second is the Medela Pump In Style. It comes in this little backpack. I’ll just get right into it.

Things that I love about the Medela. I love the handy carrying case, the backpack. That was super nice. It was discreet. It was easy to just take on the go. It had a battery pack with it that I could use on the go, but I hated how the batteries died so fast. It just sucked the life right out of them and I didn’t get to use it very often and I often had to carry extra batteries which kinda sucked.

The Rumble Tuff, however, came with a car adapter. So that was nice. I could just plug it in the car, do things on the go. The main, main, main key that I love the Rumble Tuff is it was strong. So powerful. It would pump double, if not triple, the amount of milk in the same time that the Medela would. So it was convenient. It was fast. The suction was strong. I loved . . . I mean, I can’t rave about that enough. It was quick! I . . . I don’t know why, I’m just not super good at pumping and the Rumble Tuff made it so much easier. So I love that. The other thing that I loved it that they have this silicone insert, if you can see it, and it creates the best latch. Like after I found myself trying to juggle the baby and pump, and it was super hard, and she’d hit the bottle and it would spill, and that was so frustrating to pump all of this milk and then have it spilled. Well, with this, the latch was so strong that I just never had that problem. She’d bump it, I’d move. It was fine. And I, I love that. So I really love the Rumble Tuff and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. All mommas should have one. I hope that was helpful. Thanks, guys.

Kindle Scotty

“through my insurance and it is by far the best pump ever”

Just got this through my insurance and it is by far the best pump ever!! I have used multiple top brands with 4 kids and this one is the gentlest and most milk produced!! Would never go to another brand after this

– Review posted on Amazon.

Angel Gutierrez

“I love the pump!”

I love the pump!


“Pump works great, but the life of the motor is short!!”

This is the first pump I used after having my son. I usually got 4-14 ounces with each pumping session any my milk would let down in 1-3 minutes. This pump did an amazing job at removing Milk from my breasts. Unfortunately, the pump membranes tear easily and are expensive to order and replace. Also, the motor of this pump began dying at about 9 months of use. I was super bummed out because of how good this pump was working, so I ordered another one. I loved the great suction I got with the new pump, but after about 6 months, this pump died. I was so bummed again. This time I ordered a Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I was thoroughly disappointed in this pump. My milk would NEVER let down with the Medela pump and I would only get 0-2 ounces total with each pump. While I am upset that the Rumble Tuff pump doesn’t last long, when it does work it works amazingly.

– Review posted on Amazon.

James Sonnenberg

“Great pump!”

I think this pump is great! I am more than satisfied with it:

-I love how easy it is to assemble and to disassemble for cleaning.

-Being able to pump both breasts at the same time is definitely a major time saver!

-The suction is great and the silicon padding makes for a very comfortable pumping session. Once I have it going, I am able to be hands free.

-The one-way valve works great. If I were to knock over my bottle, the milk would stay in place and won’t spill back out the top of the pump which is a life saver because I’m pretty clumsy!

-The motor is quiet and doesn’t wake up my sleeping baby or husband, which is always a plus!

-It’s a simple system and super user friendly.

-It also comes with a manual hand pump which I’ve used a few times and I was able to express quite a bit of milk in such a short time. I was surprised how well a manual pump could work!

A few cons:

-You can either plug it in to an outlet or put 4 double A batteries in the base. I tried the batteries so it’s more portable but the batteries drained within the first use and the suction wasn’t as strong as it is when it’s plugged in.

-I wish there was a way to have the screen lit up at all times while pumping so I can see the timer more easily during night time pumpings.

-The power cable is loose and when the cord wiggles, it makes a beeping noise going from battery mode to plugged in mode, back to battery mode and so on.

Overall, I think this is a great machine and have been very happy with it. Thanks RumbleTuff!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amazon Customer

“I love it!!!!”

I love my rumble tuff pump. I use it every day during the week and sometimes on the weekend and I have not had any trouble. The pump bag that came with it sucks but I just bought one of my own.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amazon Customer

“Great pump for an even greater price!!”

This pump is PERFECT! I am a working mother, so I needed a pump that would do the job quick.. I am able to pump (both sides) in 8 minutes. I am able to get back to work in no time at all. This pump is easy to use, and easy to clean. I love all the different settings it has to offer- it also has a memory to remember your favorite settings. The pump also offers silicon inserts which makes pumping a more comfortable experience. Another perk about this pump is the great price! I highly recommend this pump to any breastfeeding mother!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Jan Jones

“Love the pump”

Love the pump. Worked better for me than the medela… but the replacement valves and seals get pricey with shipping.

– Review posted on Amazon.

J. Stanculet

“Five Stars”

Great pump! Love the gentleness

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Good product”

Good product. I liked the three different settings.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Amazon Customer

“This is a great pump, especially for the price.”

I never had any problems with this pump and I would recommend it to anyone. I am a full-time, working mom and pumped for 10 months, multiple times each day. It was reliable and consistent. If I ever had a problem with the way it was pumping it was from user error (not being put together right) and not from the workmanship of the pump or parts. The diaphragm is very fragile so I ordered and used extra of those. All other pieces were reliable and never caused any issues. The parts are easy to take apart, clean and put back together. It was easy to pack to and from the office. I liked that it had a timer on it and an auto shut off at 30 minutes. I noticed that the power/suction was more reliable when plugged in versus when it operated off batteries. It seemed to drain batteries quickly but was convenient for those few times I did not have access to an outlet. Other reviews commented that the tubes were very short. I never had that problem. I was able to hands-free pump at my desk and still get work done on the computer.

I had a VERY positive experience dealing with the company. I ordered extra parts (as back up) and there was a confusion with the order. Although it was my own fault and not the fault of the company, they sent me free bottles to make it right. They were very friendly and easy to contact with any concerns. It was so nice to talk to someone who cared about good customer service. I have never used any other pump but I will probably never need to. This pump lasted through my first child and I foresee it lasting through another.

– Review posted on Amazon.



This is my first pump so I really have nothing to compare against this pump, but so far so good! Once I figured out which settings work best for me, I can get 6oz in less than 10 minutes. Sure there are lots of parts and you can hear the motor working when it is on, but from the reviews I read on other pumps it is the same across the board. Happy with the purchase.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Ciara Brady

“Five Stars”

I love this pump. See my full video review here

– Review posted on Amazon.


“The rumble tuff pump is great”

The rumble tuff pump is great just wish it included a better travel bag and some storage bags and ice pack

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“It works great!”

It works great! Is small, portable and fast!

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Nice Product”

Nice Product

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Whitney Alexander

“This was a great product. I would definitely recommend it . . .”

So, for my last baby I started using the Rumble Tuff breast pump. I had this one (Serene Express). I just wanted to talk about some things I really liked about it. First off, I really liked that it was super comfortable, which obviously is a must. I liked that it had the option of using these silicone things (cushions). I personally really liked them. I thought they made it really comfortable. I also really liked all the different settings that it had. It has lots of different settings to mimic different ways that babies suck and you can find the one that’s closest to your baby and/or is just most comfortable for you. I also really liked that it had this memory button. And, so, when you found the one you liked you would program it so that when you turned it on it would remember and you didn’t search through all the different settings again.

I also really liked that it was small. This is pretty small. I liked that it was portable and it had the option of being battery-powered. I would take it lots of places with me since it is so convenient and small. And, so, when there wasn’t an outlet available, it was nice to have batteries as an option. And it also came with a hand pump which was super nice as well. And, last but not least, I like that it is really easy to take apart and clean. It’s easy to clean. It’s fast and it’s easy to put everything back together the way it’s supposed to and that’s really important when you’re busy and in a hurry. This was a great product. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is in the market for a breast pump.


“The pump itself is great”

The pump itself is great a little getting used to bc it’s different than my previous madela. I like this one better. Just wish it came w extra tubing bc it stretches quickly. Not a problem really but I’m always multi-tasking while pumping so I pull the secondary tube out all the time

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Love it”

Love it

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“First time using a breastpump”

First time using breastpump in my life, so nothing to compare. I guess it is great. It does the job!

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“This pump is fantastic!”

As a first time mom I wasn’t sure how this pump would be as I’d never heard of the brand before. Once it arrived I was anxious to use it and, honestly, a bit skeptical. After figuring out the best settings for myself, I think this pump is fantastic! I would recommend it to other moms too :)

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Thank u so much”

Thank u so much it is one of the best product for moms …

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Amazon Customer

“had my pump for 2 months now and I love it!”

I have had my pump for 2 months now and I love it! I feel it works just as well as the Medela Pump in Style I had with my last child, which was 7 years ago, but the Rumble Tuff has been great! I was skeptical at first because this was a brand I had not heard of before, but it has not been a disappointment at all. The customer service was fantastic as well. I forgot that I was boiling the parts and fell asleep, sleep deprivation, and I ruined them all. This was the first week I had the pump and I had mastitis, so I was using the pump all the time. I called customer service and the owner was willing to wait until after closing for me to come and get a new collection set. I would definitely recommend this pump to anyone who is not sure if it is a good product or not. By the way, since this pump is over $100 less that the Medela, by a new bag if you don’t like the one it came with, it will still cost less.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Meghan Housel

“Great Medical Grade Pump and Compatible with Lots of Products”

I bought this pump on another site because of an amazing coupon I had. Nonetheless, I noticed there weren’t many reviews about it here, but wanted to inform others. I’m glad I bought this product. This pump has nothing wrong with it. It does the job and with many creature comforts Medela doesn’t offer. Its very compact and will fit in any small bag. The parts are not excessive and easy to clean and put together. The memory function is awesome. It remembers your previous session. You just hit power and go.

Some key notes no one mentioned:

  1. Compatible with Kiinde bottle sets using the Kiinde Breast Pump adapters.
  2. Extra parts are sold on Amazon and Rumble Tuffs website
  3. This pump is compatible with a Freemie cups kit. Also sold on Amazon.

All of that has been tested by me and with great results– it all works. Another good point about this pump… It’s adaptable to a lot of other products.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Hello, cute little breast pump!”

What it is:
We never thought we’d say this but, “Hello, cute little breast pump!” Compact, and in lavender no less, the Serene has a good number of settings. The memory button took the guesswork out of pumping sessions once we figured out what worked best for us. We also appreciated the built-in alarm, which reminded us when it was time to pump again (it’s nice to have one less reason to pick up our iPhone). Since the Serene weighs just over a pound, we were happy to take it on the go—a feat made even easier by the fact that it’s relatively quiet, so we weren’t paranoid that our colleague an office over could hear us going at it. We found the manual option reassuring—if we’re away from a power outlet and the batteries run low, it’s good to know we can always pump manually. A tip from a long-term tester: The suction works best when the pump is resting on a hard surface (if you use this on your bed, it’s not strong enough.)

What to watch out for:
The “convenient carrying tote” is really just a flimsy cotton sack, so you’ll need to find a sturdier bag. The expression collection combo kit into which you’ll pump milk is comprised of a mind-boggling number of pieces –valves, silicone cushions, caps with O-rings– that need to be separated for cleaning and then reassembled. After a few sessions, you’ll get the hang of it, but when you’re just starting out, you’ll want to keep the instruction manual close at hand.

– Review posted on BabyCenter.


“I absolutely love this pump”

I absolutely love this breast pump. It is so small and less clunky but more efficient than any that I have own before. It also allows me to have shorter pump sessions and it is so quiet that I truly can pump with my baby sleeping next to me.

That being said, I wish that the power cord was a little longer and the there were less parts to clean but I guess that is necessary to have a closed system pump. These in no way would is a deal breaker but would be a nice improvement.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Worked well to increase my supply”

This pump was recommended to me by a lactation specialist. Cons: more parts to clean and assemble than the medela and carrying case is useless. Pros: worked very well to increase my supply (which was the most important aspect)

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“It is great”

It is great.I realy like it .this beast pump ever see before.I can tall buy this produck everyone.thanks lucinacare.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“At about 14 months, . . . the pump still works like it’s brand new”

At about 14 months, I am still able to pump a decent amount of milk. I am only pumping once a day now, but the pump still works like it’s brand new. And I always use the pump plugged in, I have tried the battery only option, but could tell a difference. It still worked, just not as awesome as when it’s plugged in. But the part that is truly amazing to me is that I can still pump! Around month 10 with the Medela pump with my first child, the pump lost suction and Medela customer service was horrible. They insisted that it was just me, told me to buy all new pump pieces, and if that didn’t work then it must just be my supply, that it couldn’t possibly be their pump. That’s part of the reason why I love this Rumble breast pump, it has withstood the test of time and nearly every day use and still packs amazing suction. I just can’t say enough good things about this brand!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Trader TR

“I absolutely *love* your products!”

I absolutely *love* your products! I have an older rumble tough that I have been pumping with for 14 months now and it still pumps like the first day! Thank you for making such a wonderful breast pump, myself and my baby are eternally grateful!

Miranda Detweiler

“Works great!”

Works great & it was covered by my insurance!


“I love your pump!”

I just wanted to let you know that I love your pump! I’ve been using it for three months now. When my baby had trouble nursing, I rented a hospital-grade Medela pump before buying the Rumble Tuff, and I’ve found the Rumble Tuff to be superior. My favorite thing about it is the quick, light suction at the beginning followed by the stronger, slower suction. I also love that it’s small and portable. My only suggestion would be to make the breast shield slightly longer. I’ve already recommended this pump to two friends–one has purchased it, and the other is looking to buy one in the next month or so. Thanks!


“I love this pump.”

I love this pump. It does everything you could need and more

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Great product!”

Great product! fantastic suction and easy to clean/care for parts. Keep an eye on the white silicon tips, if those start to wear that will affect your suction.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Got exactly what I ordered.”

Got exactly what I ordered.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Love it!”

I love this pump! This was one of the options available through my insurance. I researched the other pumps offered and took a chance on this one, even though there were limited reviews. I am very glad that I did. It is small, easy to clean, simple to take apart and put together. The flange and silicon insert are comfortable for extended pumping sessions. I like the variable speeds and memory functions and I just don’t think that it is overly loud, even during those late night sessions in the quiet house. Overall, I am extremely impressed. I use this two to three times a day to supplement. Take a chance on this little powerhouse!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Amanda Ewing

“So easy to use!”

Never have used a pump before but this one is great and so easy to use! I love it!

Lacey Turley

“So easy and comfortable!”

It works so well! And it is so easy & comfortable! Love it!


“Great item, a little loud”

This pump works great, its quick and efficient. Easy to put together and use, plus storing it is easy since it comes with its own case. The only down side would be how very loud it is. I will not be returning to work so this is not a big issue for me but it’s good to know for anyone who would be. Not such a discrete piece of machinery.


“Extremely Effective
Better Than Ameda Purely Yours”

I love this pump. It takes half the time to pump the same amount of milk as the Ameda pump. The only cons of the Rumble Tuff are it has a lot of parts to wash and it’s too loud. Otherwise, I highly recommend it. Especially, for women that don’t produce a lot or who have trouble pumping. It has different settings which sets this pump apart from the rest.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Sarah Gill

“Very comfortable pump”

Very comfortable pump, thank you!

Mecque Smoljan

“Very easy to use”

I love the pump. Very easy to use.


“Rumble Tuff gets it done!”

This was the first breast pump I ever used so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I have had no issues with it so far, I have used it for 2 months now. It has good features on it which I have not needed to Use. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because its a little bit loud but nothing that is too obnoxious.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“small and easy to use”

Pros – small and easy to use

Cons – when running as a double pump, the pumping action is really reduced. Works best as a single pump.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Does the job”

The Rumble Tough was a little tough on my nipples at first the suction was pretty hard but I was able to turn the suction down to a more comfortable suck. Once my nipples adjusted to the breastfeeding and the pumping the highest suction no longer hurts. I don’t even feel it. I think the harder suction is what you want in the long run as is sucksore efficiently, there is just a period of getting use to everything. I’m happy with the Rumble Tough but I’ve never used another breast pump so I have nothing to compare it to.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Works great !!”

Works great !!

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“small powerful fast convenient easy to use”

small powerful fast convenient easy to use

– Review posted on Lucina Care.




– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Great breast pump”

The rumble tuff was my first breast pump and I found it to be great. It is lightweight making it easily portable, easy to clean, and isn’t too noisy. It is also very simple to use. The only negative for me is that the rechargeable battery is not included.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“Doesn’t work well on just batteries”

Works we’ll I like how small it is. It is completely worthless running on batteries though like half strength. I wish I would have known that before I planned to pump in the car using batteries on a road trip. Also I wish it had spare cups so one set could dry completely before I need to use it. Other than that it’s been working great, I use it about twice a day.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“One of the best”

If you are looking for a versatile breast pump, think of Rumble Tuff. Its Serene Express double electric breast pump is particularly designed to provide mothers with a convenient pump that feels just like a baby’s natural suckling patterns.

Among the key points that make the Serene Express Duo Breast Pump stand out among the rest is its three expression patterns and eight levels of vacuum suction strength, namely:

Reflex Expression
This stage simulates a hungry baby who latches onto its mother’s breast. It creates a stronger vacuum suction that starts around 3kPa, and consists of the initial 15 cycles as soon as the pump is turned on.

Swift Expression
As the baby feeds, it gradually reduces its suckling pattern to fast and shallow, and so the Swift Expression imitates such order by reducing its suction, too. In this phase, you may now choose from the pumps’ 8 levels of vacuum suction strength to achieve the desired amount of milk you want for your baby.

Natural Expression
The baby’s long and deep suckling pattern when it naturally obtains milk from its mother’s breast is what the Natural Expression mimics to achieve. Again, you can choose the level of vacuum suction strength, or may even adjust back to the Swift Expression phase as you desire.

In addition, you can operate the Serene Express Duo Pump in three ways, depending on your personal preference or on what your situation calls for. You may plug it onto an electrical outlet, use 4 AA batteries, or change it into a manual breast pump. With its built-in timer, you will be reminded of your next pumping activity. Plus, the pump’s innovative memory button records your vacuum suction strength preferences and remember them for your succeeding pumping activities. The Serene Express Dou Pump’s vacuum adjusting wheel allows you to adjust the suction level with ease. It also has a low noise level that will not disturb your baby’s sleep.

This breast pump is equipped with an Anti-Backflow Diaphragm, a closed system that keeps milk from flowing back through the tubing or electric motor. Other important feature that the Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Pump includes is it’s Silicone Cushion that provides you extra ease, especially for gorged breasts. Also equipped with an LCD Display, it allows you to monitor the status of programs and functions. Most importantly, all units of the Serene Express Duo Pump and its components are manufactured without the use of BPA; thus, you can rest assured of your baby’s health and safety.

Without the accessories, the pump weighs 350 grams (or 0.35 kilograms) only, making it handy to be carried around, especially if you are a working mother who is constantly on the go. Each breast pump kit contains: one Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump Motor; one Manual Diaphragm (on how to change to manual pump); two Expression Collection (Breast Shield Sets); two Bottle Adapter Kits; one AC Adapter; one Tubing with duo adapter; two Valves and O-rings; one Non-Woven Bag, and; one Rumble Tuff User Manual.

The Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump may be considered one of the best, it not yet the best, brand of breast pumps any mother can have. It has one minor setback, however. Although, its silent operation does not wake up your sleeping baby, it is still not as quite as some other brands in the market.

– Review posted on Best Breast Pump Advisor.

Rylee Noble

“Very comfortable”

Very comfortable to pump. All parts seem to be very durable materials.

Candace Jones

“My Rumble Tuff became such a lifesaver!”

I have been meeting to write and tell you how immensely grateful I am for the Rumble Tuff breast pump I won back in the summer. Our baby Eliza was born September 30th. She is our 6th child. With our first we had bought a manual Avent pump. With our 5th I borrowed a pump from my SIL. I honestly can say I dreaded pumping if I needed to. Eight days after Eliza was born she had to return to the hospital because of high fevers and sleeping all day and night long. While her little body was tested and prodded with wires coming out as they tried to find out what was causing the illness my Rumble Tuff became such a lifesaver! The hospital had some double fancy pumps, but I used them once and went back to how much nicer the Rumble Tuff was! It was such a relief to not have achy breasts and develop uncomfortable side effects of not being able to nurse regularly and keep my supply going! Thank you so very, very much!!!

Tina Torkington

“Great product”

Great product

Baby Ray

“Packs a punch for its size and price.”

I had my choices narrowed down to 2 pumps before choosing the ‘Rumble Tuff’ over the ‘Philips Avent ISIS IQ Duo’ and here are my reasons and what I have found out after using this breastpump for the first time.

-The ‘Rumble Tuff’ starts in ‘reflex’ mode for 15 seconds then turns to the ‘swift’ mode (preset short/shallow cycles) the user now has a choice to go to ‘natural’ mode (preset long/deep suction cycle) or stay in ‘swift’ mode if this results I’m more productive expressing. Compare this to the Avent where you have to set the ‘let-down’ stimulation (short/shallow cycles) before resetting and setting the ‘expression’ suction (long/deep cyles.) However, on the ‘Avent’ the user can determine how long you wish to pause between each sucking cycle (just by manually holding down the pump handle for a few seconds after a cycle before continuing with the next cycle then hit the memory button and the ‘Avent’ repeats this for the user) where on the ‘ Rumble Tuff’ the length of each cycle is already preset for the 2 expression modes that it has.

-The ‘Rumble Tuff’ can be operated by 4 AA batteries where the ‘Avent’ needs power supply (home or car.)

-The ‘Ruble Tuff’ has a more advanced manual pumping mechanism. You get two ridges to lock the manual pump handle onto depending on the type of suction cycles you want (swift/natural) + you can adjust the suction level with the round knob where the ‘Avent

-Parts are easier to replace with the ‘Rumble Tuff’. There are more parts (which also makes cleaning more of a tedious task) but they are easily replaceable either via their website, sending them an email requestion spare parts would be easier, or a local

The tubing IS rather stiff and short from the ‘Rumble Tuff’ but I found a solution to this by buying spare ‘Lansinoh Affinity’ tubing from the same store as I had bought the ‘Rumble Tuff’ and they are extremely flexible and the length is much longer so you don’t have to be as close to the pump as the original tubing forces you to be (I replaced the tubing which connect the motor to the t-connector and left the original tubing for the 2 tubes that connect to the breastshield bodies.) This allows me to just turn on the machine and just hit the ‘M’ button and leave the thing alone.

The ‘Avent’s control handle could be troublesome in replacing and I have read not so good reviews regarding the customers service of ‘Philips Avent’.

-The ‘Rumble Tuff’ is tiny and barely makes a sound (not disturbing my soundly sleeping baby 3 feet from it.) I have never used the ‘Avent’ so I can’t tell which is more quiet.

-Last but not the least, both the ‘Rumble Tuff’ and the ‘Avent’ are CLOSED system breastpumps and this is the main reason for me not choosing the ‘Medela’ line of products which all apart from the new ‘Swing Maxi’ and the ‘Freestyle’ are OPEN system breas

After the first session which I managed to get 10 oz in 18 minutes I am FULLY satisfied with the product considering its price tag compared to other overly marketed products out there. I would recommend this to any breastfeeding mother. I have yet to see how long the machine operates before any malfunctioning or breaking but I am sure those problems can be easily overcome.

*one tip be very careful when unplugging the tubes from the breastshield bodies as it can be rather tight and could cause spilling if you have a full bottle and you tried to yank it. I recommend grabbing the tubing ends very tightly holding the top of the bottles on a flat surface and budge out the tubes bit by bit at a time until it gets to the end where it is about to detach as this will make it easier to detach gently.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Megan Pyrtle

“Great Pump”

This is a great pump! I work full time and pump 3-4 times per day. It does a great job and I highly recommend.

– Review posted on Amazon.

A. Brown

“Great overall pump”

Like other reviewers, I received this pump free through my insurance. I was worried it wasn’t going to work well, but I am very impressed. It’s small and very portable and I usually get between 6-10 oz with a 20-min pumping session (pumping one side at a time, I’m too uncoordinated to do both at the same time). I’ve been using it every day for over a month since I’ve gone back to work and it’s still going strong. I found that batteries didn’t provide enough power to get a full pumping session, so I’ve used the AC adapter for all my pumping. I love the timer so I know how long I’ve been pumping, and the adjustment wheel for the suction power is very handy.

I haven’t needed to order replacement parts, but their website ( looks easy enough to use and the prices seem very reasonable.

The only drawbacks are not being able to pump directly into bags (I pump into the collection bottles and pour into larger bottles or bags), and the beep when the machine is turned off is kind of loud. And as other reviewers pointed out, the carrying bag is nothing more than one of those reusable totes you can buy at the grocery store. And VERY small. I ended up just using a free zipper bag that the hospital gave us.

***Update July 2014***
As my baby is about to turn a year old I’ve dropped all but the morning and evening feeds, so I’m no longer pumping at work. This pump worked great the entire time I used it (almost 10 months, 5 days a week, pumping 2-3 times per day). I eventually was able to pump both sides at the same time and get around 8 oz. total in a 10-minute pumping session. At one point I thought the pump was failing because the suction was very weak on one side. Turns out one of the valves had a small tear in it (be gentle when you wash those!). I replaced both valves with the extra set that came with the pump and the suction was back to normal. Before I replaced that bad valve, I noticed there was a tendency for the milk to back up into the diaphragm. However, even when the milk made it into that section, it NEVER backed up into the tubing, so I had no worries that it was going to get into the electrical parts of the pump. And once I replaced the valves, I never had milk back up in the diaphragm again.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Elizabeth Cotton

“Small, quiet & powerful!”

Using a few times daily. Have over 100 4 oz bags of breast milk thanks to this pump. It’s small, discreet, quiet & works great. Love that it keeps the time of my pumping. Getting ready to take it to work to pump when I return from my leave. the bag is just a cloth recycle looking bag. Going to use something else for transporting.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“What a deal- you can not beat the price for a quality pump”

Great pump for great price. Works great, has adjustable settings. I have no complaints. I’ve even dropped it on the floor several times, and it still works.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Far exceeds expectations, surpasses Medela hands down!”

***10-27-2014 update*** It has been about 14 months since I started using this pump. And I am still completely satisfied. As an extended breastfeeder now, I am still amazingly able to pump milk for my little one. That was not possible with my first child when I was using the Medela pump. The Medela lost suction around the 10 month mark and I could not pump any extra milk. The suction on the rumble is amazing, it still pumps like the first day! I am incredibly happy with my decision to go with the Rumble Tuff, I would never go back to a Medela after this. And yes, I am still utilizing the Kiinde system with absolutely zero issues. Also noteworthy, I am still using all of the original pump parts. I have not had to replace a single piece. I highly recommend the Rumble pump as well as the Kiinde system for storage.

First, I did not purchase this pump via Amazon, my insurance covers breast pumps and I had to order through their authorized third party.

With my first child, I used the Medela advanced pump in style. After less than a year of use, the Medela lost suction and started to make a strange clicking and grinding noise and I could barely pump any milk at all. I called their customer service and they were less than helpful. They told me the noise was “normal” and I must just not be making much milk anymore. I was beyond frustrated, as I knew that my milk supply was fine. I packed the pump away in it’s bag and stored it away.

I had my second child at the beginning of August. As with all insurance, there was a delay in getting the pump delivered, so I ended up renting a hospital grade Medela pump for a month. The hospital grade worked fine, and I was able to increase my milk supply. I had to return the hospital grade pump a few days ago.

So I am comparing the rumble tuff to the two pumps listed above. I set up the Rumble Tuff, READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL, and sterilized the parts. After reading the manual, the pump design makes a lot more sense. I cannot believe how well this little unit works! I actually had to turn the expression wheel way down to a 3, and on the three setting I pumped 5 ounces in just over 6 minutes FROM ONE SIDE! In the month that I had the hospital grade, (which I did use the night before returning which was just one night before using the Rumble) the best that I could pump with the Medela hospital grade was 3 to 3 1/2 ounces in 15-20 minutes from both sides. I am sold!

-Super cute design, compact and very portable
-In no way does The pump itself or The accessories look or feel cheap, The Medela pump In style has a very cheap looking design In comparison. The Rumble shields and accessories are made from very durable plastic just like The Medela accessories. I do not prefer The silicone shield insert, so I do not use them.
-Functionality: I can pump way more in half the time! Efficient and a time saver! *as a tip, make sure that you are setting up the shield pieces correctly also known as, read the manual. Also important, I have found that I just need to make sure my breast
-I love that this pump has a backflow prevention design. Medela advanced pump in style does not have this. The hospital grade does have backflow. Backflow prevents milk residue from entering the tubing and making it’s way into the unit. I am going to bet
-The LCD display is great, I know how long I’ve been pumping without using my cell phone or a clock, and I can also see what time it is.
-With this pump, I achieve let down in 10 seconds or less. With both Medela products it would take at least 45 seconds or more.
-I use The Kiinde bottle and storage system with The rumble. Kiinde products can be found at buybuybaby, and The system is such a time and milk saver!Essentially, The Kiinde allows you to use an adapter so that you can attach their milk storage bag to The shield. The bag doubles as storage and a bottle!When you want to feed, you snap The bag into The Kiinde bottle (sort of like The playtex bottles) and you attach The Kiinde nipple and feed straight from The bag saving you time and spilled milk.
-The pump remembers my settings from the last pump, so I don’t have to turn the dial up or down from some arbitrary default setting. It also has a memory function for your pump preferences (so it can remember how quickly your let-down occurs and switch fr
-Obviously, the price. They package a lot of suction power in this little pump, more suction than a 250 or even 1500 Medela pump. (Just an FYI, ANY PUMP used in battery mode does not work as well as using an outlet, I had that issue with my Medela)
-this pump comes with a manual expression kit, which can come In handy In a pinch. Medela pump In style does not. End of story.

-Yes, the bag is a little gimicky. However, again, look at the cost difference between Medela and Rumble. Go buy yourself a $10.00 bag for pump transport, or do what I am doing and just reuse the Medela bag. For now, I am using the Rumble bag to store my
-The unit is noisy. it rumbles (probably hence The name) and it does beep. However, I will happily take The rumbling and beeping if it means I can express more milk and not have to be attached to a pump for so long.
-The issue with accessories. Yes, I do wish They were available In stores or on Amazon. However, all you have to do is contact customer service (I did) and They will email you a Parts and price list and you can order them via email or phone. Easy.
-Yes, the tubing is a little short. But we are all spoiled by Medela’s super long tubing. That being said, I have had no issues with the tubing, I am used to the length now and it’s not that bad. I do not multitask when I pump, I am just focusing on making sure I produce enough milk for storage. Not to mention, I am not attached to the unit for very long now, which is a huge plus. 6 minutes per pump out of my day attached to short tubing is really not a big deal for me.

Take a chance on this product. I did, and have absolutely no regrets. No, it is not set up like a Medela product so it does have a different feel, but the Rumble is by far a superior product. I do plan to update this review in 6 months and again at a year to evaluate performance.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“No hassle, no mess, no confusion. Easy as 1-2-3.”

This breast pump is full of great features that others do not offer. A timer that reminds you of when to do your next pumping, silicon cushioning for added comfort and support, a manual suction control system, and a memory button which allows you to do all of your pumping in one easy step.,. the machine takes it from there. No hassle, no mess, no confusion. Easy as 1-2-3.

This machine offers versatility. You can use it as a manual, as a battery powered or as an electric breastpump. This versatility makes it easy to use wherever you may go and in the case of a power outage, or a spur of the moment camping trip, you are not stuck.

If you are considering breastfeeding your infant or are fed up with the current system you are using, look no further. This is an absolute must have for any breastfeeding mother who wants it to be a bit more convenient, comfortable and simple.

– Review posted on Family Review Center.


“efficient pump with gentle suction”

I like this pump for its gentle suction still gave me almost same compared with my avent duo pump(I can only bear the lowest suction using avent). It’s quiet and can be taken out by using battery that is impossible for my avent which only used adapter in house. I might would give it 5 marks if they provide cover for the shields, and don’t let milk come easily between cushion and shields (the same problem for their manual pump as well). Anyway, I’m still satisfied with this purchase and one more good thing of their manual pump is easy to help let down.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“5 stars!”

I love this breast pump! It is small and convenient in the best ways. It is quiet and cute. There’s a personalized button that you can set so the pump works with the natural release of your milk which makes it more comfortable compared to a generic brand. I would recommend this pump to every breastfeeding mother!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Janey Top-Kauffman

“I feel like this is definitely the same kind of quality I am getting from the hospital.”

The other thing I really like about the Rumble Tuff is that it has the option to be battery operated which is great because you can’t always find an outlet in a secluded room. So, if needed, you can use it in your car, which is really helpful. Every time I have a baby, I usually rent a pump through the hospital, and I feel like this is definitely the same kind of quality I am getting from the hospital, so I really appreciate that.

Corrine Stokoe

“My favorite part about the pump are the silicone cushions. They make it really comfortable.”

My favorite part about the pump are the silicone cushions. They make it really comfortable and they are really easy to take in and out and clean. I also really like how small and portable the pump was, I could hold my baby in one hand and the pump in the other and move to room to room if I needed to.

Aubrey Hill

“I like the manual pump. I am on the go a lot, so it is nice to throw it in my diaper bag.”

I like the manual pump, it was a nice option to go from electric to manual. As a busy mom with 5 kids I am on the go a lot, so it is nice to throw it in my diaper bag.

Abbey Roll

“It was really nice to be able to press a button that I knew would match how my body would release milk”

I love the Rumble Tuff Breast Pump. It’s a lot more comfortable then the pump I was using before. We live in a really small apartment and so it is very nice that it is quiet and I don’t feel like I am going to wake up my baby when I am pumping. And it is really cute, I know that is kind of silly to say, but I really liked that it was nice to look at; that was really important to me when I was choosing a pump. It was really convenient for me to have the duo breast pumps so that it does not take as much time so I can spend a lot more time with my baby. I really like the “M” button on the pump, because the breast pump I was using before was just generic. It didn’t really match to how my body was reacting so it was really nice to be able to press a button that I already knew would match how my body would release the milk and be ready to pump in the most convenient way for me.

Alison B

“Amazing surprise”

I received this pump through my insurance and was skeptical when I got it in the mail. To my surprise it is a great pump at a great price. There are several pros over my previous Medela Pump in Style. It is smaller, allows you to run it off of 4 AA batteries w/o having to purchase an accessory, it has a timer/alarm, and a memory function. Last week I tried to go back to my Medela to see compare the output and I had to pump 2x as long to get what I normally get with the serene duo. Their customer service is wonderful as well. In summary better efficiency, smaller and cheaper! It’s a no brainer for me

– Review posted on Amazon.

Zoey The

“a good & economic price”

a good & economic price breast pump~portable &can use by battery too ;D

– Review posted on Enjoy Breastfeed.

mohd jaslan rafizzah

“can’t wait to use it”

already bought this one,,,cant wait to use it as i’m delivering next month

– Review posted on Enjoy Breastfeed.

Easy Express 2


“Great Breast Pump”

My insurance company sent me this pump after I had my son. I was very surprised and disappointed when I opened the box and saw that it wasn’t a Medela or done other well known brand. I had never heard of Rumble Tuff so I immediately turned my nose up at it. But what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! My son is 6 months old now and I just went back to work last Monday. I pump twice while at work and once when I come home and I am able to keep up with my son’s milk demands for while I am away for 10 hours. The rumble tuff easy express 2 has multiple settings for suction and multiple settings for speed separately which makes it very customizable. You can either use the adapter to plug it into the power outlet or use batteries. I was able to use it in my car one day! It is also a closed system so it is more sanitary than the opened system pumps like most of the Medelas. I have been able to pump 4oz from each breast(8oz total) at once with this pump. Most times, I am able to get about 5.5-6oz total per 20 minute pump session. No complaints here!

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Pump works great”

Pump works great 🙂


“I was surprised at how well it worked”

I was surprised at how well it worked I love the easy to use buttons and the quick shut off option. Parts are easy to put together and pump itself is lightweight.


“More milk than medela”

Insurance covered this 100%..I’very been using this just shy if 1 month and had great success stock piling for the end if maternity leave. I’ve had better success with pumping this round with this pump than with the medela I used with my daughter. The pump only fits the bottles that come with it (annoying for the super sterile pumper. so much cleaning). It is a loud pump and the horns are 1 size..the rubber cushions are nice for sore nipples however, more to clean.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Awesome customer service!”

Awesome customer service! I had problems w/ my 1st pump. When I called the 1(800) # I was happy to not be put on wait & not have to go through an extensive automated service. Further more, your willingness to replace the bad pump w/out making me jump through hoops was amazing. You just don’t find that kind of help or customer service elsewhere these days! You have made a happy & loyal customer out of me! I have already recommended this brand to 2 other 1st time moms.

Carmen Jazmin Gonzalez

“I’m very happy with the Breast Pump”

First time use was perfect! No pain and made very little noise. Did not wake up my baby. I’m very happy with the Breast Pump.

Benjamin Hunter

“Good basic pump”

I’ve been using his pump for about 6 weeks now. Works great, I haven’t had any issues with suction or spilling milk. It fits the adapters for my Kindee bagging system, but not great. Also, it is quite loud. Overall I’ve been happy with the machine. My insurance covered it 100%.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Maria Everton

“Gread product”

Gread product. Sometimes it seems like the pump on the forked tube has problems, but it works still. I wish the parts were easier to clean, but I can’t complain with the no backflow in the tube feature.

Ashlyn Whitaker

“Have loved my pump.”

Have loved my Rumble Tuff Easy Express 2 electric breast pump duo. Thanks!


“I like this pump.”

I like this pump. It feels very comfortable on my breasts and the pump is not too invasive. I do not, have, another pump to compare it with since this is the first one that I am working with. It does work fast and does not make any noise.

– Review posted on Lucina Care.


“5 stars!!”

5 stars!!

– Review posted on Lucina Care.

Kristin Johnson

“I love it!”

This pump helps me pump 3x’s more milk than my previous pump. I love it!

Easy Express

Haileyesus Kelkay

“Five Stars”


– Review posted on Amazon.


“have had for awhile and still works good.”

Still working good with no problems. Glad I bought it. It is bit loud.

– Review posted on Amazon.

T. Garten

“Really liked this pump because of the different settings”

Really liked this pump because of the different settings, but the air hose is a little fidgity to get right. This is not good for travel.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Tina Buford

“Good value & quality”

Worked very well for my daughter. Well priced and good quality unit.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Emily Braswell

“This is a great little pump!”

I have been using this pump for several months now and I have not had any issues with it. It is loud, but not any louder than any other pump I have used.

– Review posted on Amazon.

love JESUS!

“Pls sell extra storage bottles for this pump”

Love the pump BUT I wish amazon would sell all the other pieces for it. Like extra storage bottles and extra top piece.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Viviana Almaguer

“thank you”

Thank you, the product is useful and easy to handle… I love it and my baby love it too :)

– Review posted on Amazon.


“great buy!”

comes with more than is shown however it includes everything listed in the description bar. it pumps easily an effectively in a very quick amount of time and has several different adjustment speeds. i am an at home mom so i usually breast feed but use the pump whenever i need my fiance to feed or to give my breast a break so the single pump works fine for myself.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Really Great for price!”

For the price you cannot beat this pump. I’ve only used it a couple if times so far but it works great. The only downside is that it is very loud. I put my comforter on top of the base to muffle the sound.

– Review posted on Amazon.


“wonderful pump and great service from the company”

Im a 1st time mom and read reviews on a ton of different pumps..i ended up choosing this pump and im very happy i did! Its a wonderful little pump easy to use and comfortable! Then one day i came home from work and my naughty dog had chewed up the breast shield on my pump… unfortunately i couldnt find the part i needed on amazon but i found the website for the makers .. i ended up calling them to order the part and they were very helpful and quick to get me the part i needed.. overall im very pleased with my pump

– Review posted on Amazon.

Ray Shoemaker

“Thrilled by its features”

Bought this pump for my girl so she could start pumping for our little one.. She loves the features that this pump has to offer, including the different settings for suction. She also loves the facts that it comes with the ability to either use power or batteries and that it came with a transport bag. Overall I would recommend this pump..

– Review posted on Amazon.

Pen Name

“Love it!”

I use this pump at work and in the car when traveling. It’s so easy to tote around and pumps so well for a little machine. I love the fact you can put batteries in it so you don’t have to be near an outlet.

– Review posted on Amazon.

Plow Man “farmer jim”

“Works great!”

It is easy and comfortable to use. Low noise and easy to clean and assemble. Battery or power outlet, your choice. Ready to use anywhere!

– Review posted on Amazon.


“Great affordable pump!!”

I tried a manual medulla pump and it was a horrible experience. I found this and decided to try electric and its another brand so I figured why not.. well the first few seconds of using this it expressed milk and I controlled the pressure and speed. It’s perfect I’m so happy I have it and its way more affordable than other electric pumps!

– Review posted on Amazon.

Rachel Lanier


This pump is wonderful! I can get 5 ounces in no time! I love the different settings you can choose from to express the milk. It is so easy to clean and use. Love it!!!

– Review posted on Amazon.