Quick Instruction Guide

How to Assemble Your Expression Collection Combo Kit

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    1. Take the Breastshield Body in one hand.
    1. Carefully insert the One-Way Valve.
    1. Press firmly but gently into place.
    1. Ensure that the tip forms a straight line.
    1. Twist the Breastshield Body into the Bottle Adapter.
    1. Twist the Bottle Adapter onto the Bottle.
    1. Set the Bottle in the Bottle Base.
    1. Your Expression Collection Kit is assembled.
    1. Take the Diaphragm Cup in one hand.
    1. Insert the Silicone Diaphragm.
    1. Secure the edges of the Diaphragm to the Cup.
    1. Place the Cap over the Cup and Diaphragm.
    1. The Electric Diaphragm Kit is ready.
    1. Take the Electric Diaphragm Kit and the Collection Kit.
    1. Insert the Diaphragm Kit into the Breastshield Body.
    1. Twist clockwise until it locks into place.
    1. Your Expression Collection Combo Kit is ready.
    1. Attach the tubing to the Expression Collection Combo Kit.