Quick Instruction Guide

How to Properly Test Your One-Way Valves

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    1. Make sure your bottles are properly assembled with Silicone Cushions in place and connect the bottles to the pump.
    1. Unscrew both Collection Bottles and their Adapters, exposing the One-Way Valves.
    1. Place each Breastshield Body facedown on a table or countertop with a smooth surface.
    1. Press down on each Breastshield Body to ensure an air-tight seal on the surface.
    1. Turn your electric pump on.
    1. Adjust the suction level to the highest setting.
  • The One-Way Valve will scrunch in on itself.

  • The One-way Valve will scrunch but then flatten immediately or not scrunch at all.

    1. Observe the movement of the One-Way Valve.