There are lots of things to consider when you’re choosing your breast pump. One of those important decisions is to buy one with or without a rechargeable battery. Lots of pumps have the option of using disposable batteries, but the cost can be extensive, they run out quickly and don’t provide as much power as a wall outlet or a rechargeable internal battery.

Rechargeable Breast Pumps

  • Convenient
  • Freeing
  • Heavier
  • More planning
  • More expensive

A rechargeable battery is very handy. It frees you up from having to be strategic about where you pump (is there an outlet close by?) and it can provide the power you need. You are able to pump comfortably anywhere from the car to the back porch. If it’s warm enough, you could even pump pool side!

But are they perfect? No, nothing is. With a rechargeable battery you must make sure the charge is always there. Getting into a routine is helpful. Plug it in right when you walk through the door from work and make sure to put it back into your bag just before you go to bed. You can keep an eye on the battery gauge that is usually found on the front of the pump, to make sure you’re starting with a full charge each day. The good thing is, most pumps with a rechargeable battery can be operated while they’re plugged into a wall outlet so you don’t have to miss a session if your charge is running low.

Rechargeable pumps are often a bit more expensive. The freedom may very well be worth it for you, but the price must be taken into consideration. Don’t forget, if you choose a pump and plan to use disposable batteries, there will be a lot more cost involved, not to mention the waste that comes with using lots of disposable batteries.

Wall Outlet Powered Breast Pumps

  • Tried and true
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Requires proper outlet
  • Less expensive

Moms have pumped with electric pumps connected to outlets for years and years and years. They have served moms well and the consideration about the charge never has to be considered. It’s one less step moms need to keep track of. This might be the easy button you want to push! Pumps that use a wall outlet are reliable and always provide the highest level of suction needed. Because they don’t contain a rechargeable battery, they are also lighter and easier to transport. If you plan to pump at work on a regular basis, this might be an important consideration.

Since a rechargeable battery adds to the cost, a pump that is plugged into a wall outlet is usually less expensive. This is a savings that may be very worth it to you. If you know that you’ll be pumping in a very consistent place, it may be perfectly sensible to go with this type of pump.

About the Author

This article was written by Renee E. Davis, IBCLC. Renee has been with Rumble Tuff since 2018. She is a former WIC Peer Counselor, doula, and midwifery assistant but most importantly, a mom and a grandmother. She currently provides customer support for Rumble Tuff and has a private lactation practice in central Missouri.

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