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EZ Express and Go-Cups Combo

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Pumping is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Rumble Tuff® EZ Express is a lightweight, powerful breast pump. Great for powerful pumping and your daily pumping needs. This high-performing pump allows the option of 4 cycle speeds (2 stimulation, 2 expression) with 9 suction levels for each cycle. You can pause the pumping session without stopping the timer. The EZ Express includes a portable AA battery option, allowing you to pump on the go. Go Cups, hands-free collection cups are included for discreet convenience.

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  • Rumble Tuff® Peak Enhanced Waveform – Longer hang time allows for a more efficient pumping session.
  • Quiet, Lightweight, and Portable – Streamline elegant design, weighs less than a pound. Powerful pumping in the palm of your hand.
  • Smooth Suction Transition – Each change of suction level transitions gradually. 4 cycle speeds (2 stimulation, 2 expression) with 9 suction levels in each. Wide suction range from 70 mmHg to 250 mmHg double pumping.
  • Intuitive – Remembers the last session time and suction settings.
  • Go Cups: Hands-Free Collection Cups – 24mm diameter hard flanges and 21mm long silicone inserts included for discreet and convenient pumping.
  • Flange Fit Ruler – Die-cut nipple ruler to accurately measure your nipple size and ensure proper flange fit.
  • Free Pumping Support – Our Director of Lactation will help you learn how to use the pump most effectively so you can maximize your pumping sessions and ease pumping into your daily routine. She can also assist you with minor breastfeeding concerns and connect you with a local lactation professional.

Not sure of your flange size? Click HERE for our flange fit guide!

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 15 in

36 reviews for EZ Express and Go-Cups Combo

  1. Joy

    Not a fan
    Giving it 3 stars because you can convert it to manual pumping. As for ne the suction level for the electric part is not so great. I even tried the highest level. Other than that It’s easy to assemble and pretty self explanatory.

  2. Sunshine

    Great Support
    This is a really strong suction pump. It is hospital grade and close system so it is very clean and hygienic. It also come with free one on one lactation consultant and they will help you success with pumping. I can’t recommend this pump enough.

  3. Dena White

    This is a top of the line unit
    This pump really surprised me. This is as good as or better than my spectra that I usually use. The pump is strong and milk productions was consistent. The overall build quality is great and all the controls are easy to understand.

  4. Jenna

    This is great for on the go pumps! Now it isn’t the most discreet but you gotta do what you gotta do. This is very well made & has great suction. It’s not too big either, very impressed.

  5. Oliver

    Lots of setting and adjustable suction.
    This milk expression kit includes 2 bottle, electric cord, pump, handle for manual and battery compartment for battery use. You simply wash everything first and reassemble (there are assembly videos out them is that is easier), you can boil the bottles and use the dishwasher (my favorite) and hand washing accessories. There is a variety of suction setting that for different results like stimulation or expression and you can also choose your strength setting and there is a pause button. This set comes with a nice insulated bag for storage and keeping milk cool (just add an ice pack). Reasonable price and would be a nice gift item.

  6. Lanina

    Love it
    I love that I can turn this double electric pump into a manual in the go for when im out of the home without having to buy a manual pump or even using it quickly at home to relieve myself. The motor itself has great suction and different mode settings. It’s not crazy loud and u get the bottles and the stands to avoid spillage. Must buy very affordable I even got a cooler bag with it that I wasn’t expecting a d it is very well made too.

  7. Anonymous

    Work well
    I like how portable the device is. This device works just as well as other brands. It comes with all the tubing and flange you need to start pumping. There is a bonus milk bag which is nice.

  8. Sabrina

    Great suction
    I donate breast milk for my local hospital and have burnt out so many breast pumps that they hardly last at all. This one has a really great suction, it fits comfortably without feeling like it’s trying to rip my nipples off.

  9. Carlos R.

    Amazing and unique
    I’ve tried 3 different pumps & this is the only one I absolutely love with my second baby! Smooth suction, no vibrating pull, holds a good charge, convenient to take along on the go! %100 recommended.

  10. P C

    Lightweight and portable
    Love it. Does it great job expressing milk as an on the go option. It empties and relieves me of the discomfort I something get from not pumping on time. It is easy to use and looks and feels like a quality pump.

  11. Zu

    good pump, but tote was NOT included
    This is a good quality pump: it has a rechargeable battery and can work virtually anywhere. The suction is powerful and the motor is quieter than my old Medela’s. The pump comes with everything to get you started EXCEPT the bag that was supposed to be included. I am knocking a star off for that reason.

  12. Randy

    Expert Lactation Support Provided
    This pump come with Expert Lactation Support Provided for newly breastfeeding moms or just getting support for the pump. You can switch between pump and manual. Has a LED screen for the settings. It has 4 cycles and 9 suction levels. Having the extra bag would be nice so may order that also.

  13. Ashley

    Good suction, easy to use and clean!

  14. Anonymous

    Convenient and quiet
    The Rumble Tuff EZ Express is a powerful and efficient breast pump that is easy to use and clean. It features a closed system that prevents backflow and mold growth, and it comes with a variety of accessories to make pumping more comfortable. The pump is also lightweight and quiet, making it ideal for travel or use at work. Overall, the Rumble Tuff EZ Express is a great choice for moms who are looking for a reliable and affordable breast pump.

  15. Liz

    Easy to use
    Easy to use and convenient pump works as expected cleans easily

  16. JT

    Fantastic Pump Set
    This set is a really great budget friendly option that offers a lot of great features. I really like that it comes with a nice travel case that you can store your pump and bottles in. It looks discrete so that people wouldn’t know what it was unless you told them. The pump itself is great and works as well as those in the hospital. It has 4 different suction modes and 9 intensity levels to choose from. You can plug in the pump or run it on batteries adding a level of versatility that a lot of the larger machines just don’t have. One thing that I love that I have never seen before is that this set allows you to convert to a manual pump if needed by using the attachment. Now this is great especially if you batteries are dead and you can’t plug it in. The price is more than fair for the level of features and the pieces that this set includes. Overall, I really like this pump set and would definitely recommend it to new moms who are looking for a travel friendly option.

  17. Ron

    Hi-Tech Portable Pump
    In this day and age of electronics and computers, even a simple device is now automated and computerized. We have an expecting mother in the family and this “Rumble Tuff EZ Express with Peak Enhanced Waveform Technology | Closed System Electric Breast Pump | Virtual Pumping Support with Lactation Consultant | Carrying Tote | Manual Pump| Lightweight| Quiet” seems a perfect device for her. The device is nice for having two modes of operation – either manual or automatic pump. You can also have full control of the suction level that will work best for the mother. It has a contemporary design yet is very quiet during operation, and a chic bag to carry all the stuff you need to take care of the business. This is portable, travel-friendly, easy to operate, and for the price where you are getting a lot of good stuff – this is a must-have for nursing mothers. Highly recommended!

  18. Mreza

    Works manually or electrically
    Breastfeeding is an integral part of a newborn’s growth and development, and a breast pump is an essential tool for on-the-go breastfeeding. This breast pump which can be used manually or electrically, has the following features:

    This breast pump is robust and creates consistent milking. The overall build quality of the pump is excellent, and all of its controls are easy to understand. Additionally, the pump can be easily converted into a manual pump, which makes it an ideal choice for working days. Furthermore, the motor of this pump is efficient and has various mode settings to suit the needs of different needs. It’s not loud and comes with bottles and stands to avoid spillage. Moreover, this pump is quite affordable and even comes with a cooler bag that is very well-made. It also has an insulated bag to store milk, a great bonus.

    – One potential disadvantage of this breast pump is that it is not hands-free.
    – It is not discrete.

    This breast pump is an excellent choice for mothers looking for an efficient, robust, and affordable option that can be used both as an electric and a manual pump. It is ideal for mothers who are constantly on the go or want to relieve themselves quickly at home. While the hands-free feature may not work as well as other options, the overall quality of the pump, including its motor, controls, and additional accessories, makes it an excellent value for the price. Overall, this pump is a solid choice for any working mom who wants to continue breastfeeding while balancing a busy schedule.

  19. J Y

    Rumble Tuff EZ Express Breastpump
    I really like the Rumble Tuff EZ Express Breastpump! It can be electric and manual which is very helpful. Comes with pump and collector/bottle plus all attachments to operate and a cute insulated bag! It has a variety of setting to meet many needs! Also I think it’s one of the more affordable for all it has to offer.

  20. Reg

    Nice set
    I got this to give as a gift to a new mother who will be returning to work. I continue to be amazed at how far pumps have come since I needed to used one when my second was hospitalized as a newborn. This one has 4 speeds and 9 suction levels for each speed. It can even be used as a manual pump. I like that both breasts can be pumped at the same time. A definite time saver. It is made in Taiwan.

  21. Kim H

    can be manual or power operated
    I gave this to an expectant mother and she likes that it is flexible to be used manually or powered. I know back when I had kids my pump only had 1, so I had to do each side at separate times, I love that this can do both at once!!

  22. Yami

    Great choice , work great !
    I found this breast pump set to be very complete. The breast pump works well. The material of these milk pumps is of good quality and sturdy. I liked them!

  23. Angela R

    Comes with bonus insulated bag
    Comes with insulated bag that’s cute and nice to store milk. I didn’t know that was coming it came separate not in the box. I love this bump because can easily converted into a manual pump and put in the diaper bag. I have the hands free one also and yes they do work and come in handy when doing chores feeding baby even driving but they don’t seem to work as good as this plus goes right into the bottle and be put in the insulated bag . Perfect for a working mom that pumps at work at travels with the milk home.

  24. Sunni

    Good power; quiet but not discrete when using
    After trying the pumps that fit into the bra, I’d say this definitely generates more suction power to produce slightly faster. However not as convenient or discreet to use. Comes packaged well, and includes the pump tote as well as a manual pump which I don’t find very useful. A nice complete set with pretty color schematics.

  25. Anonymous

    Out performs my name-brand pumps!
    Overall, I really like this pump. As with any pump, it took some fenagling to get to the settings that work best for me. The silicone insert was actually a little annoying, mainly because the lip on it wouldn’t stay put. I ended up using my own flange adapters in the plastic flange to get to my correct size. After doing that, milk was flowing!! The let down setting (fast, shallow suction) wasn’t as effective as my others, but the 3rd and 4th levels were great! The manual handle included worked well enough to relieve some engorgement, but didn’t come close to the others I have. It IS nice that it was included in the set – no more multiple sets to achieve the same thing. It also unexpectedly came with a nice storage bag! Everything fits well inside, and I even used it to carry this pump around (while pumping) after putting some batteries (4 AA) in. Overall, a great bundle!

  26. Kristal

    Does not come with bag but…
    Comes with an impressive call line that you can phone all your questions and concerns to.
    The value in the the customer service line exceeds all expectations and truly is worth it apart from the pump itself.
    As for the pump. It works fantastic. I prefer the a/c adapter to batteries. The battery option is not great! That being said you don’t need to use it.

    4 stars.

  27. Raffie

    Good suction power. Great product. I haven’t had any issues with this product yet.

  28. Elle

    Pumps easily.
    Overall I’m pretty happy with this pump. It was easy to figure put. I like that it has different levels. The storage case wins it all for me.

  29. Megan

    Genius to include the manual conversion!
    I adore that you can use the pump as electric or manual. There are just times when I don’t have time to sit down and wait for a full pumping session, but need to pump just a little to mix with food. It’s a pretty pump and straightforward to use. Obviously not as discrete as the in bra wearables, but it does get the job done.

  30. Anonymous

    Electric Pump
    This is a nice, easy to use electric pump. It is a great value

  31. Christina

    Great Pump
    This pump is very easy to use! I’m impressed by the suction strength and overall quality of it.

  32. Joe Ryan

    You are trapped when using this
    This product works great with multiple settings but I hate that I’m stuck to a chair when using it. I will stick with my hands free pump

  33. Anonymous

    Electric to manual conversion rocks. Storage bag included!
    I like that you can use this as an electric or manual pump. Your choice. It also comes with a handy storage bag for on the go. The suction power is decent and it is not too loud like other pumps. I’m really pleased with it and customer service is excellent. I recommend it!

  34. Jen-nay

    This is brilliant!
    I LOVE that you can convert this pump to a manual. That’s a fantastic option to take along on an outing or camping trip or anywhere you may need to use a manual pump. Of course there is the battery option too, but the manual version is quick and convenient, and I can pump just as much with it as I can using the electric pump. I also really like the memory feature. I’ve got another pump that doesn’t remember my settings so you have to adjust it each time you pump. Thankfully this one remembers your last session and you don’t have to do that. Customer service/support is awesome and it feels like they actually care about your pumping journey. I have not used the lactation consultant yet as I don’t currently have the need to buy I think it’s amazing that it’s included with the pump.

    Downside– unless fit a size 25 flange, you’ll be buying those separately. They do offer a bunch of sizes though, which is really nice. I was able to make some momcozy adapters work for now.

    Overall I feel like this pump has a lot to offer for the price (currently right about $100), and is a solid choice of you’re looking for something with a lot of options on a budget.

  35. Kat

    So many options
    I love all the options with this setup, manual or electric and tons of accessories. The machine is well made and consistently works well. The carrying case has tons of pockets which is always nice. The only drawback is it isn’t hands free, but I knew that when I ordered it.

    Overall this is a great set!

  36. Anonymous

    This pump is really gentle compared to other electric pumps.

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