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EZ Express Electric Breast Pump

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Pumping is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Rumble Tuff® EZ Express is a lightweight, powerful breast pump. Great for powerful pumping and your daily pumping needs. This high-performing pump allows the option of 4 cycle speeds (2 stimulation, 2 expression) with 9 suction levels for each cycle. You can pause the pumping session without stopping the timer. The EZ Express includes a portable AA battery option, allowing you to pump on the go. You can also convert your collection kit into a manual pump as needed with the manual handle kit that comes with the EZ Express.


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– [Video] How To Assemble Your Expression Collection Combo Kits | Rumble Tuff | Breast Pumps

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    Unique Features

    • Rumble Tuff® Peak Enhanced Waveform – Longer hang time allows for a more efficient pumping session.
    • Quiet, Lightweight, and Portable – Streamline elegant design, weighs less than a pound. Powerful pumping in the palm of your hand.
    • Smooth Suction Transition – Each change of suction level transitions gradually. 4 cycle speeds (2 stimulation, 2 expression) with 9 suction levels in each. Wide suction range from 70 mmHg to 250 mmHg double pumping.
    • Intuitive – Remembers the last session time and suction settings.
    • Free Manual Handle Kit – Converts your electric pump to a manual pump within seconds. Allows you to pump in stimulation and expression mode. It also has a vent to adjust the suction strength manually.
    • Flange Fit Ruler – Die-cut nipple ruler to accurately measure your nipple size and ensure proper flange fit.
    • Free Pumping Support – Our Director of Lactation will help you learn how to use the pump most effectively so you can maximize your pumping sessions and ease pumping into your daily routine. She can also assist you with minor breastfeeding concerns and connect you with a local lactation professional.

    Additional Information

    • Closed System – Anti-backflow diaphragm prevents milk from entering the tubing and into the pump.
    • 10 Second Delayed Start – 10 second delayed start function allows user time to adjust the collection kit.
    • Pause Button – Allows you to pause your pumping session without stopping the timer. Will shut off automatically if no interaction after two minutes.
    • Auto-off – Turns off automatically after 30 minutes.
    • Single or Double Pumping – Switch easily between double pumping and single pumping.
    • Double Vacuum Chamber – Reduces motor noise and extends motor life.
    • Wall outlet and AA battery operation.
    • 2,000+ hours of motor life
    • 2-year warranty

    Included With Pump

    Standard HF Expression Collection Combo Kit (Double):

    • 2 – HF Breast Shield Bodies
    • 2 – 25 mm Breast Shield/Flanges
    • 2 – 23 mm Silicone Flange Insert
    • 2 – Bottle Adapters
    • 4 – Membrane Valves
    • 2 – Silicone Lip Valves
    • 2 – Bottle Bases
    • 2 – 4 oz Bottles
    • 2 – Silicone Diaphragms
    • 2 – Diaphragm Caps
    • Double Vacuum Tubing
    • Flange Fit Ruler
    • 12V AC/DC Power Adapter
    • Manual Handle & Diaphragm
    • Mesh Drying Bag
    • Quick Start
    • Pumping support from an IBCLC

    Not sure of your flange size? Click HERE for our flange fit guide!

    Weight 3.8 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 6 × 15 in

    11 reviews for EZ Express Electric Breast Pump

    1. Rio

      Great set with lots of extra inclusions
      lots of extras come in this bag which is a huge plus! you get the pump with all the pieces and you even get an attachment to convert the flanges into a manual pump which normally you would have to buy separately. I was not overly impressed with the suction power on this unit, it does get the job done and pull mili but its was not anything special and i find that I get more milk with other pumps. there are two pumping modes one with eight m levels of suction and the other with ten. I pumped on the highest setting of both and was left wanting more suction. its quiet, it is rechargeable so you can use it on the go and its very compact and easy to use. the dial on the top of the machine feels very pleasant and is very responsive to touch.

    2. Joy O.

      Not a fan
      Giving it 3 stars because you can convert it to manual pumping. As for ne the suction level for the electric part is not so great. I even tried the highest level. Other than that It’s easy to assemble and pretty self explanatory.

    3. Anonymous

      Great Support
      This is a really strong suction pump. It is hospital grade and close system so it is very clean and hygienic. It also come with free one on one lactation consultant and they will help you success with pumping. I can’t recommend this pump enough.

    4. Dena White

      This is a top of the line unit
      This pump really surprised me. This is as good as or better than my spectra that I usually use. The pump is strong and milk productions was consistent. The overall build quality is great and all the controls are easy to understand.

    5. Jenna

      This is great for on the go pumps! Now it isn’t the most discreet but you gotta do what you gotta do. This is very well made & has great suction. It’s not too big either, very impressed.

    6. Oliver

      Lots of setting and adjustable suction.
      This milk expression kit includes 2 bottle, electric cord, pump, handle for manual and battery compartment for battery use. You simply wash everything first and reassemble (there are assembly videos out them is that is easier), you can boil the bottles and use the dishwasher (my favorite) and hand washing accessories. There is a variety of suction setting that for different results like stimulation or expression and you can also choose your strength setting and there is a pause button. This set comes with a nice insulated bag for storage and keeping milk cool (just add an ice pack). Reasonable price and would be a nice gift item.

    7. Lanina

      Love it
      I love that I can turn this double electric pump into a manual in the go for when im out of the home without having to buy a manual pump or even using it quickly at home to relieve myself. The motor itself has great suction and different mode settings. It’s not crazy loud and u get the bottles and the stands to avoid spillage. Must buy very affordable I even got a cooler bag with it that I wasn’t expecting a d it is very well made too.

    8. Anonymous

      Works well
      I like how portable the device is. This device works just as well as other brands. It comes with all the tubing and flange you need to start pumping. There is a bonus milk bag which is nice.

    9. Sabrina

      Great suction
      I donate breast milk for my local hospital and have burnt out so many breast pumps that they hardly last at all. This one has a really great suction, it fits comfortably without feeling like it’s trying to rip my nipples off.

    10. Carlos R.

      Amazing and unique
      I’ve tried 3 different pumps & this is the only one I absolutely love with my second baby! Smooth suction, no vibrating pull, holds a good charge, convenient to take along on the go! %100 recommended.

    11. P C

      Lightweight and portable
      Love it. Does it great job expressing milk as an on the go option. It empties and relieves me of the discomfort I something get from not pumping on time. It is easy to use and looks and feels like a quality pump.

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