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Go-Cups Hands-Free Collection Cups

(31 customer reviews)


    Go-Cups Hands-Free Collection Cups

    Pump Hands-Free with Confidence

    The Rumble Tuff Go-Cups provide a discreet and convenient solution for busy moms who pump. These hands-free collection cups allow you to pump on-the-go or while multitasking at home by utilizing your favorite breast pump.

    • Freedom to Pump Anywhere: The Go-Cups offer a comfortable, hands-free pumping experience so you can pump discreetly wherever you are.
    • Easy Cleaning: With only four parts, the Go-Cups are a breeze to clean and sanitize.
    • Efficient Pumping: The 8-ounce capacity allows for efficient collection.

    Additional Features:

    • Compatible with most standard breast pumps (read our article on Go-Cup compatibility).
    • Made from BPA-free materials for safe storage of breast milk.
    • 24mm flange included, other silicone inserts are available in sizes 13mm-21mm, sold separately.

    Rumble Tuff Go-Cups: Freedom to pump, confidence to thrive.

    Not sure of your flange size? Click HERE for our flange fit guide!

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 11 in

    31 reviews for Go-Cups Hands-Free Collection Cups

    1. Bree

      Elegant design, comfortable & easy to clean!

      I love how few parts this has! So easy to assemble & wash! It’s thoughtfully designed with little details to make your life easier, like an indent to help you remove the outer shell and a triangle to indicate the center of the shell so you can place the tab over the hole accurately. I love that they worked with an IBCLC. As long as you can get the tubing that’s included onto your pump, it fits! It fit my no-name pump just fine. The oz/ml makers on the side & bottom are handy. These were quite comfortable to use. As a bonus, the lilac color is really pretty, too.

    2. Kaitlyn C.

      These are fantastic for when I want to use my normal pump, but have some additional modesty! I’ve struggled with portable pumps not being strong enough for me to get the same amount of milk that I do with my traditional pump, and these are a great happy medium. You do need a bra with good stretch or straps that extend to accommodate these, and they come with a little adapter so that you can use the normal Motif tubing (same as Spectra tubing) with these. They were easy to clean and easy to pour milk from, plus they’re super solidly constructed so I haven’t been worried about leaking. A great happy medium option for pumping when out and about, or when you need your hands to be even more free they are with your normal pump.

    3. Susan

      Great way to switch up the way I pump. These Collection Cups came with a tube that fit my Medela pump perfectly. Didn’t take long for me to figure out how to use the cups. They were very easy to take apart and clean. The flanges fit my nipples well. I did have to adjust my bra to make the cups fit, but it was no inconvenience. Overall, it is convenient to use if you need to be a little more mobile and they work well as Collection Cups while you are feeding.

    4. F. Miller

      Easy to Clean
      Collect milk effectively and are easy to clean. I used these with my Medela and it worked perfectly. Such a great option if you don’t want bottles hanging out your shirt. Makes it much easier to work or feed baby while pumping.

    5. Sarah

      Best I’ve Used
      I tried many different collection cups in search for a hands-free pumping experience. This is my favorite because it does not leak and has the highest capacity. I was finally able to walk around while pumping. These cups are well made and the parts assemble easily. Get these if you are in the market for pumping collection cups.

    6. Naomi

      I never thought there would be a day that this would be so easy. Pumping is so much more easy, giving me more time to have a little more independence moving around the house. I am truly pleased as it is also comfortable and not frustrating to pump.

    7. Ayhesa

      Universal Hands Free Collection Cups
      I love this set! I honestly don’t have the Rumble pump but this collection cups fit my other branded corded pump perfectly. Very convenient that I don’t have to use my pumping bra anymore to hold my bottles because this can just be placed inside my regular bra. This also doesn’t have any leak as compared to my other Hands free pumps. Complete set and works well even with another brand.

    8. lanina

      these are lightweight and easy to clean, easy to hide and no issues with leaks, they are easy to put together and take apart and i prefer this way of pumping over cups that have the pumps in them cuz they get so heavy. this are very comfortable and aren’t heavy at all.

    9. Veronica Lopez

      One of my favorite brands of portable breast pumps

      This breast pump has a stronger milk suction then my other breast pump and I like this one better. To me, it seems to hold more milk and when I pour it into the little breast milk baggies it has a nice flow; it doesn’t make a mess! The noise isn’t too overly loud, it’s more of a soft noise. I especially like the way it fit and cups my breast it’s like…a full coverage bathing suit vs a bikini. It’s hard to explain but overall I absolutely love this breast pump!!

    10. Destiny

      Comfortable and Easy to Use
      Simple to use and simple to clean! Very comfortable and would recommend to anyone new to breastfeeding. Works well and fits comfortably!

    11. Mumma Fox

      These are brilliant hands free collection cups.
      They fit together really well and connect to not only my rumble tuff pump but other name brands too!
      They are easy to wash and you can sterilize them.
      They hold 8oz each so that’s great for someone me who has an over supply like me.
      Really comfortable to wear! Highly recommend these collection cups with any breast pump!

    12. Jamie D

      Nice for collecting when engorged or with pump
      These go cups are nice to use as a hands-free collection cups when you are engorged or hook up to a pump. they are nice and easy to use and comfortable. The profile on them unfortunately is very large and gives almost a Dolly Parton effect so not really attractive if doing this outside of the home.

    13. CC

      Works Well
      These are a great addition to my rumble tuff pump! I got the same amount I normally do, and they’re super comfortable too!

    14. Brooke B.

      Looks well made and fits good.

    15. Mooney

      These wearable cups are amazing. They work with different kinds of pumps like spectra and medela. They have a big capacity of 8 oz (most wearable cups only hold 6 oz) They are easy and convenient to use. They made pumping more enjoyable. I don’t need to hold my flanges and can pump hands free.

    16. F

      These are cups that go with a separate machine to make them work. They have a great seal and are nice and lightweight.

    17. Christina

      Great Wearable Cups
      These cups making pumping hands free much easier! They’re easy to use and very comfortable. Definitely measure your flange size first though as proper sizing is SO important.

    18. Julie A.

      Works Great
      I used these with my Rumble Tuff and they work great! It’s so much better than using the regular flange collection bottles. They are comfortable and I can kind of be hands free. I just wish they made a Rumble Tuff that was tiny and could fit in my pocket or purse.

    19. Meghin Sanchez

      I love that these cups are on the smaller side, they’re easier to hide. I love using them with my spectra.

    20. Olivia Williams

      This is so great to wear just to collect extra while feeding on the other one. Comfy to wear. Collects a good amount. Easy to wash and pour milk out into a cup or storage bag. Love it!

    21. Sasha

      Breast pump not included
      It comes with two collection cups that’s outlined in light purple color. It’s super easy to assemble. There’s a tube that comes with adapters that you can hook up to the pump. Hopefully it’s compatible because this order does not come with a pump. The collection cups are super lightweight and it fits well inside the bra. I haven’t had any milk leak. It’s not as convenient as the portable breast milk pump because of the tubes you have to use, but it’s efficient if you have the time and space to use it.

    22. Anonymous

      Tubing is super short
      I think there are a couple of things to know about this set of cups. The price is a little high considering there are better cups for the same price as this. (CaraCups, Zomee cups, and Legendairy Milk Cups)
      These cups don’t come with flange inserts. These cups aren’t as easy to clean as advertised. The less pieces means more intricate cleaning! You have to hand wash everything.
      I think it would be worth just spending a little more money for the convenience of a wearable pump, the tubing leaves a lot to be desired with portability

    23. Anonymous

      Nice idea
      The idea of the collection cups is nice, and a change from having to hold bottles while pumping. Easily fits into stretchy nursing bra and stays in place. It still requires wire attachments to pump machine, and comes with its required wires. I was sad the wires didn’t fit into my Madela pump in style pump, but I was able to use them with unknown brand I found on Amazon.

    24. Ayu B.

      Classic x New generation! No boiling water for sanitation?
      This is like classic/traditional breastpump + New generation fits in bra breastpumps!!
      I have several new style of fits in bra portable/rechargeable pumps but suctions are not the best compare to motor pumps. If you have your own favorite brand’s motor or even used one this product can be great addition. Only thing caught my attention was “No dishwasher” “No boiling” for sanitation…Seems like handwash only. Sorry if I’m wrong but I paste picture of instruction, so you can see it. I washed my baby’s paci by hand with soap and it wasn’t enough to kill some bacterias that I had to take her to pediatric. After that I switched to boiling water method. So, I’m little afraid that I cannot use boiling water for this product. Or dishwasher.

    25. Bethany Oliver

      Helpful for catching let down
      It’s amazing how much milk I collect just from wearing this throughout the day. Milk that would otherwise be wasted in a bra pad. They are obvious for me to wear so I don’t wear them out of the house but they are great for supplementing my stashv

    26. Mia

      Handwash only in this day and age?!
      Function is excellent, it’s truly hands free and I like that BUT I cannot possibly be handwashing things because its 2023 and I’m busy. If I wasn’t busy, I wouldn’t need hands free, so why would you make a product that completely eliminates its own selling point in the cleaning process?? Make it dishwasher and sanitiser safe and I’ll be a huge fan.

    27. Bree

      Elegant design, comfortable & easy to clean!
      I wasn’t 100% sure from the description so just to be clear, these are pump accessories (collection cups with standard size tubing that fit on most pumps), so you’ll need to already have your own pump. I love how few parts this has! So easy to assemble & wash! It’s thoughtfully designed with little details to make your life easier, like an indent to help you remove the outer shell and a triangle to indicate the center of the shell so you can place the tab over the hole accurately. I love that they worked with an IBCLC. As long as you can get the tubing that’s included onto your pump, it fits! It fit my no-name pump just fine. The oz/ml makers on the side & bottom are handy. The flange is 24mm and that’s the only option, just a heads up. These were quite comfortable to use. As a bonus, the lilac color is really pretty, too.

    28. Kathryn B.

      Adequate cups, nothing special
      These cups do the job. I was very excited about this order, but I am not over the moon with them. Here are some thoughts.
      1. The flange size of the cup is 24 mm. That is the only size available and they do not provide or sell adapters. I need to use 21 mm, so I pulled the adapters off of my wearable momcozy pump to use with these cups. It gets the job done, but really the lack of adapters should be acknowledged and overcome by this company.
      2. The tubing that comes with the cups is comically short. Maybe 10-12 inches? Unless you have a pump that clips to your bra or shirt, it simply will not work. I took the tubing from my Spectra pump in order to use these cups with my pump.
      3. The connection point of the cups with the tubing is somewhat awkwardly situated. Unless I get a firm connection, the edge of my bra rubs where the tubes meet the cup and it can come loose. These cups get the job done. They aren’t remarkably comfortable or uncomfortable. There are more barriers to use of these cups than seems necessary, but they aren’t bad overall.

    29. Kristen

      Perfect size
      These collection cups are some of the best I’ve used. I like that they aren’t as bulky as other brand cups. They work well with my wall pumps-3 different popular brands and no issues. Never have an issue with them leaking and washing them is easy. I’d definitely choose these over other well known brands!

    30. Jessica

      Buy it!
      I’ve been exclusively pumping for 7 weeks now for my twins and I regret not buying this sooner! I have a spectra 2 and it works great. I’m contemplating buying another!

    31. Cheyanne Lynn

      Absolute must
      I am an RN and wanted something wearable in the event that I could not step away from the bedside (which has been often). I prefer these cups over my Legendary Milk cups. I currently use it with the Pumpables Genie Advanced and the Y tubing that came with my LM cups. It has never leaked, it is easy to pour, and is easy to clean. The output is comparable to my Spectra S2. It’s also aesthetically pleasing with the lavender color. I’m not saying the stopper will absolutely stop milk from leaking, but it is definitely a built in peace of mind not to have milk sloshing out of the pour spout. My only regret is not buying two sets when they were on sale.

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