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Breeze and Go Cups Combo

Breast Pump with hands-free breast milk collection cups

EZ Express and Go Cups Combo

Whisper and Go Cups Combo

Breast Pumps

Breeze Electric Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pump with Manual lactation kit

EZ Express Electric Breast Pump

Whisper Electric Breast Pump

Sweet Essence-Hands Free Manual Breast Pump

Sweet Essence-One Manual Breast Pump

Breeze Pro Electric Breast Pump (Multi-User)

Insurance Covered Breast Pumps

If you decide to breastfeed, our breast pumps can be an invaluable tool in your journey. We understand breast pumps can be pricey, that's why we are committed to offer top-quality and innovative breast pumps at an affordable price and help get you access to the right breast pump that fits your needs.

To see what options are available to you through your insurance, please fill out our insurance form.

Breast Shields/Flanges & Collection Cups

Hands free, breast milk collection cups

Go Cups Hands-Free Collection Cups

Long Silicone Flange Insert

Breast shields

Breast Shields

Silicone Flange Insert

23mm Silicone Flange Inserts

all pumpin pal silicone breast shield sizes

Pumpin’ Pal Breast Shields

one-piece 25 millimeter breast shield body with bottle adapter

25mm One-Piece Breast Shield Body with Bottle Adapter

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Breast Pump Travel & Carry

On-the-go breast milk cooler bag

Cooler Bag

Breast milk and breast pump tote bag

Carrying Tote with Cooler Compartment

Breast pump backpack with cooler compartment

Breast Pump Backpack with Cooler Compartment

Pumping Essentials & Replacement Parts

Rumble Tuff Flange Fit Nipple Ruler for breast pump

Flange Fit Ruler

Silicone nipple ruler for lactation professionals

Silicone Nipple Ruler

Breast Pump Vacuum Gauge

Breast pump car adaptor charging cord

12V Car Adapter

AC/DC Power Adapter for Breast Pump

AC/DC Power Adapter

Breast milk collection cup to milk bag adapter.

Milkbag Adaptor

Breast milk storage bags

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Silicone tubing and adapter for Go Cups

Silicone Tubing and Adapter for Go Cups (2pcs)

Electric breast pump double tubing for a Rumble Tuff breast pump.

Electric Breast Pump Tubing (Double)

up close Membrane valve for Rumble Tuff breast pump

Membrane Valves (4pcs)

Silicone one-way lip valves (4 pieces)

One-Way Lip Valves (4pcs)

Silicone diaphragm to hands free go cup breast milk collection cups

Silicone Diaphragm for Go Cups (2pcs)

Silicone diaphragm for electric breast pumps

Silicone Diaphragm for Electric Breast Pumps (2pcs)

Manual diaphragm kit (manual handle)

Manual Diaphragm Kit (Manual Handle)

hands free breast shield body 2

HF Breast Shield Body (2pcs)

Collection Combo Kits (Interchangeable Flange, Double)

Standard Collection Combo Kit (One-Piece flange, Double)

Collection Combo Kits (For Breeze Pro)

Infant & Baby Care Items

Nasal Aspirator

Gummy luv baby toothbrush kit for newborns and infants

Gummy Luv-Infant Oral Care Kit

Baby thermal spoons for feeding

Thermal Spoons

Flex tip thermometer for baby temperature checker

Flex-Tip Quick Response Digital Thermometer

Vinyl Changing Pad, comes in standard and compact sizes.

Zipped Contour Changing Pad

All minky dot cover color options

Minky Dot Changing Pad Cover-Standard Size

All minky dot cover color options

Minky Dot Changing Pad Cover-Compact Size

Silky minky changing pad covers color options

Silky Minky Changing Pad Cover-Standard Size

Silky minky changing pad covers color options

Silky Minky Changing Pad Cover-Compact Size

Soft and Huggable Pink Minky Blanket

Minky Baby Blanket

Legacy Breast Pumps & Parts

2 breast milk bottle adapters and bases

Bottle Adapters & Base – Widemouth (Double)

Lavender Breeze Electric Breast Pump

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